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Thursday, May 19, 2011

I bought some beautiful beaded applique's off a shop online a few weeks ago with the intention of making them into headbands for my bridesmaids.

I got the applique's and they are absolutely lovely... now. How the heck do I make them into a headband? Can I buy a plain metal headband and stitch them on with thread looks? Should I put them on hair combs? Or on ribbon? I'd like them to be something they can wear again so a more sturdy headband sounds best to me, but I don't know where I can get this. Help?

I'd like to incorporate some of these into a lacy pair of panties or flowy chiffon chemise... Once I get caught up!


  1. I think it depends on how they'd like to have heir hair done (I've noticed it's harder to wear a headband without bangs or with a curly hair, werehas combs don't always suit very thin hairs).

    Maybe the best thing would be to ask each of your bridemaids what is her favorite type of hair accessory (I personnally prefer crocodile clips, that's also an option). You can find blank combs and plain metal headbands as supplies on Etsy, if I recall properly.

    If I tried to put such an applique on a thin headband, I think I'd sew it on a bit of felt with two notches, then pass the headband into the notches (an maybe add a drop of hot glue just to be sure), but I'm far from being an expert!

  2. Oooo, they are lovely.
    Carlotta is right though, maybe you should ask the bridesmaids what works best for their hair/hairstyle.
    Another headband option is to make one from a bit of velvet or other pretty ribbon and elastic and attach it to that.

  3. i've also had some luck with big box craft stores to make hair accessories. not sure what you have in canada, but in the US i've bought them at AC Moore and MIchael's. they have alligator clips/ plain metal combs and headbands there. good luck :)

  4. I would stitch them to a black satin headband. That seems like it would stay on their head better than a ribbon, and metal headbands sound hurty. Combs is a really good idea, too!

  5. I hate headbands...I would go the haircomb or hair clip route! However, I think you can get headbands in major craft store chains. Those appliques are so gorgeous, by the way...just sayin'.

  6. Hi! How about (as long as none of yur bridesmaids have really short hair...) sewing to a length of velvet ribbon that goes ear to ear then sew each end of that ribbon to a piece of elastic? good luck!


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