I've been watching too many documentaries

Sunday, May 15, 2011

We are a no-cable household and I hope to stay that way for many reasons... most importanly, there really isn't much worth paying for on tv any more. However, I do miss documentaries...

So, we got Netflix last week and I have been watching the documentaries like crazy as I sew. Today was a series on Medieval Life, possibly my most favourite era... I ate it up like candy.

Watching all of these documentaries reminded me how much I love historic clothing, and particularly the picture of Mme du Pompadour pictured above. The clothing of the 18th century was to die for. Ribbons, bows, frills, lace, gathers, rouching... all those things I love!

Watching documentaries while sewing is the best thing ever, in my opinion, right up there with an ice cream cone on a summer day. What do you like to watch or listen to while you sew?

Today I took a break from filling orders to work on a few new things for my shop. I wanted to get some bridal items listed, and prepare for my Heartsy deal to go live... which I think is happening on Tuesday.

So, I finally got around to making a pair of chiffon bloomers, and to using this blue and white charmeuse that I absolutely adore. It is so soft and airy and reminds me of Wedgewood china.

I also finally picked up a proper ironing board today... Embarrassingly, I've been using a tiny table top board for the last, oh... 7 years. The new board is lovely, and what a difference it makes!

My back is killing me after sewing all day! Does hunching over a sewing machine cripple anyone else? Or am I just getting old?!


  1. Ooh, such pretty fabrics and frills! :) and no, its not just you. I'm 19 and I get a bad back from hunching over my sewing machine too!
    Ashley x

  2. Your new designs are super cute :) I love all the bows and ruffles, and your attention to detail.

    Probably goes without saying, but you should try to train yourself not to hunch :( It's easy to get involved with what you're sewing and forget though. But trying to remember to sit up really makes the quickest difference in regards to back pain while sewing. (I sound like someone's old grandma right now don't I?)



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