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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yesterday, Anna put together a great post on how to bone the seams of your corset. Like Anna, I am only boning the Side Front, Side Back, and on either side of my eyelets - giving me a total of 8 bones in total. You can add more if you like!

This corset sits fairly low over the hips. Because of this, I am not boning the entire length of my seams. Prior to adding my contrasting bone channels, I made small "tacks" where I want the bone to stop. You can choose to bone the entire length.

Anna and I are both using plastic boning - Anna is using this amazing vintage Featherbone and I am using modern plastic boning. Both come in a casing, that will be removed.

Round off the end of your boning with scissors. Smooth off any rough edges with a file.

Insert your bone into your french seam "Casing". It's pretty tight, but you should have just enough room to squeeze the bone through the case.

Next we're onto binding and eyelets! How is everyone progressing? Have you hit any road blocks?

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