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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I love the internet (most of the time).  It's such a great way to connect with cool, talented people that you otherwise would have never had the opportunity to get to know! 

I had 5 great entries for my May Free Ad Space Give Away, some of them were already favourites, and some are new favourites!

What I Found is an amazing vintage pattern source.  I love the What I Found blog, which has scans and snippets from vintage magazines, ads, etc. Check out this cute 1960's Baby Doll Pyjama Pattern.  So cute!

Christine, from What's Up Cupcakes, bakes and sews.  A woman after my own heart! I have to admit, I couldn't spend too much time on her blog because it made me too hungry.  Look at this, Honey Almond Ice Cream.  She has all of her recipes neatly archived - I'm planning on spending my Friday night going through these!

Cherise Vintage Inspired couture is an Etsy Shop run by Leea from Finland - she makes beautiful vintage-style dresses, girdles, and accessories.  I have to say, this dress is my favourite.  I love the fabric and the detailing at the waist. I love her photographs.

I'm not sure how I haven't come across Wanett's amazing sewing blog, Sown Brooklyn.  Her blog is so beautifully designed, and so fun to read.  She sews.  And Knits. And writes. And raises a family.  Basically, she is a wonder woman! I love this outfit - this is totally something I would love to wear.

I also was introduced to Samantha from the Hot Mess Housewife (a blog name I adore).  Check out her blog, she's participating in Me Made May and has lots of cute stories to tell about mother hood.  Her blog has given me a few good chuckles.

Well, that's all for now.  It's been great getting to know these ladies! 


  1. Thanks for the mention! My redone website is newly hatched and I appreciate the visits.
    Let me know if I can find something special, I love the hunt!

  2. Thank you so much not just for including me, but for doing up the little add. I'm not sure what is going on with my email but I sent it four times. Argh! Technology.

    1. No worries! I didn't want you to miss out! :)

  3. I'm in such good company!! I love the name Hot Mess Housewife!! I've been thinking of getting an ice cream maker, so that link is helpful AND dangerous! And I've recently been into vintage everything so I'm so happy to have two more finds to add to my reader! Thanks, Sarah!! And I'm all done with exclamation now ;o)

    1. Lol you are welcome! This has been really fun for me, I love finding new blogs to read (and friends too!) :)


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