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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Normally when I get sick, I'm out for a day or two.  I felt like crap all week and am finally starting to feel better. I spent a day and a half resting, and after that I couldn't take it any more, I went back to work, did my usual routine, and today, Dan and I painted the porch.  It was nice to be outside (until it rained) and the house looks awesome.

On the left, is the house as it appeared when we moved it.  Since then we have put on shutters, put up a new mail box and house number, added some furniture, outdoor cushions (that I made), dug a garden (which will get planted next weekend), cleaned up the drive way, and painted.

I used two shades of grey on the porch - light grey on the railing and spindles, and dark grey on the face of the porch, risers of the stairs, and the trim around the top of the porch.  We left the floor bare, not wanting to have to paint it every few years...

Next weekend we will be planting some flowers, and after that I hope to  do a small stone walk way up to the front steps.  Aside from that, I am pretty darn happy with how it has turned out.  It's a far cry from what we moved into.

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