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Thursday, May 3, 2012

What have I been up to this week?

 The super nice and talented Lizz asked me to guest blog on her blog A Good Wardrobe last week.  I've written a tutorial on how to add some feminine, Ohhh Lulu-style details to the Betty Pattern   Click here to read my post, I've got some tips on adding ruffles (of course), and a cute heart applique, using a card-stock template and  basting stitches to create perfectly pressed curved edges.

Hi!! I'm over here on A Good Wardrobe!

Last night I bought the Sewaholic Minoru Jacket Pattern, which I've been eyeing for sometime now.  I have been keeping my eyes peeled for a light, spring jacket and cannot find anything ready made that I like.  Every thing is a weird length, or too "fluffy" (I tried a trench coat style jacket on with frills that came up to my cheeks!), the wrong colour, or just a bad fit for my short yet curvy physique.  I'm really excited to get the pattern.  I'm planning on making two.  I know this is a popular pattern - anyone have any finished Minoru Jacket's to show me?

Monday night I kicked my own butt in yoga, and am still sore, but in a good way.  Tonight I'm off to sweat my brains out at Hot Yoga.

This morning I posted new banners on my side bar - I got some really amazing entries this time around, and found some new blogs to follow, but I'll be posting more about that later...

Lastly, I've been drooling over Maddie's blog, Madalynne.  Isn't it just lovely?


  1. I just found my way here the other day. I have to say I'm loving your blog already :)

    There are so many great minoru jackets out there. You can find links to many of them in the comments on the sewaholic blog. Mine is here: http://scuffsan.blogspot.se/2012/03/minoru.html

    1. Wow - yours turned out beautifully, and so nicely sewn. I love the fabric you chose.

    2. Thank you :) I Really enjoyed making it. It's a great pattern. It will be great to see your version.

  2. I LOVE Madalynne-- such a fun blog! I'm a huge fan of A Good Wardrobe, too-- I was so excited to see your guest post! :)

    Looking forward to seeing your Minoru!

    1. I don't know how I hadn't seen either of those blogs before, they are both great! I am very excited to get my pattern and start sewing :)

  3. I just got my Minoru pattern in the mail about a week ago, can't wait to go pick out my fabric and get sewing :) I'll be looking forward to seeing your version!

  4. Good luck with the yoga! Great guest post, I'm looking forward to seeing what you make next! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.co.uk/


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