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Sunday, May 6, 2012

 Summer cold! I has one.  No Fair! Today was one of the loveliest days, warm and sunny.  I felt like I had been run over by a bulldozer... but it was good incentive to stay inside and sew.

 New Ruffle Bloomers and Chiffon panties got listed in the shop.  Yesterday we worked outside all  day, weeding the lawn, digging a new garden, and fixing up the drive way.  I can't believe how much better the house is looking every day.  And to think... I used to drive by this house every day and think to myself... "What an ugly house." I guess it goes to show what a little love and TLC can do.


  1. Sounds like you need the TLC now. Feel better soon!

  2. oh my gosh, these are so darling and so feminine! Love love love! :D Feel better soon! :)

  3. Your little guy is so flippin' cute! I have a pug, too! They're the best!

  4. Aww sad that your feeling under the weather but at least you have nice weather it has barely stopped raining for weeks here, I'm surprised I'm not ill actually...


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