Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I never, in my life, thought this house could look so neat and tidy.  Dan and I used to drive past this house on our way to work every day and I never gave it a second glance.  Now with some paint, new gardens, GRASS, and a new apple tree, it's looking pretty darn good.

As a testament to how much Dan loves me, he dug through our very compacted gravel drive way so I could have a garden on the right side of our front stairs.  Previous to this, the gravel went right up to the stoop there.  Here's a reminder of what our house looked like about 2 months ago:

Welcome to bores-ville!

My mom and I went out flower shopping on Saturday morning.  We each got a rhododendron, and I got a hydrangea, some veggie plants, and a bunch of annuals. We broke up some hostas and lilies from my mom's  gardens and planted them here as well.  Dan and I also planted an apple tree at the front of our property! We have a crab apple tree in the back, so we just might get apples one of these days.


  1. Love it! Wow...what a transformation! Isn't it fun to start with a fresh palatte with gardening :)

    1. Thanks! I am having so much fun with the gardens, though they already need to be weeded. Our yard was pretty neglected before :)


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