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Monday, June 3, 2013

I mentioned before that Dan and I have been doing a lot around the outside of the house.  Yesterday we got out and finally picked up a bunch of things that we have been wanting for a while.  Dan and I are pretty frugal and not at all impulsive when it comes to buying things, I think as a result of years and years of 'artists' budgets.  We tend to hmmm and haaaa over purchases for weeks, which is a good thing (though we occasionally miss a sale or two as a result).  Yesterday we came home with a fire bowl for having fires in the back yard, solar lights, new rugs, new sheets, new pillows, and less excitingly, a new dehumidifier for the basement.

We extended all of our gardens this year.  When we first moved in, there were no gardens at all, though there was a hosta growing through the gravel driveway, and an iris in the grass.  Last year we put in small gardens, and this year we have extended them a lot.  We still have more to do, I want the gardens to go along either side of the new path we made in the back yard (which also still has to be finished).

Before & After! Not much left to do, except for the plants to grow.
I planted many more perennials this year, most of which I was able to take from my mom's gardens. My yard is very shady, with the exception of a few spots, so it was kind of challenging to plan the garden.  I mixed my vegetables in with my flowers instead of doing separate beds, and I planted wisteria to grow along the lattice on our back porch.  I am surprised at how well it was doing, I didn't really think it would take here...

Our garden last year, next to our garden this year.
Our yard was such a mess when we moved in.  There were rocks everywhere, the grass hardly grew, the driveway and front lawn had become nearly indistinguishable from the other. I really like looking back at the house before we moved in, and comparing it to what we have done.  It feels good. I still remember how much I hated this house when I first walked in the door.  It's funny because I absolutely adore it and all of it's quirks now.

A work in progress, that garage needs to go!
Aside from finishing digging the rest of the gardens, I also want to paint the back wall of our house.  As you can see, something has happened that has caused them to have to re-brick the back exterior wall.  For whatever reason, they didn't even attempt to match the brick... so we will paint that part.  It is something that really drives me crazy, and I hope we can take care of it soon.  Our garage is also falling down, so we need to tear it down and rebuild. I want to plant hostas and lilies along the back fence to hide some of the patchy parts of the fence, and once all of that is done, I will be satisfied! We will have a backyard oasis!

Oliver is wondering which plant he should crush next. 
Oliver is not taking well to his new diet.  He is such a stubborn dog and he hates change (Dan and Oliver are so a like!).  He refused to eat for a day and a half, and finally ate last night around 7 after Dan coaxed him into eating.  The worst part for Oliver is that he can't have any treats or bones right now until we get his potential allergy thing figured out.  I feel bad for  the little guy...

Our pebble path and fire pit

Love these flowers, they look like jelly fish

My rhododendron in bloom

Our new-ish front door!


  1. You guys have really done a nice job! It looks great! I had big plans of putting in a new garden and redoing the small mulched plot in front of our porch, but having a newborn has put all of that on hold. Hopefully I'll be able to get everything I want finished next spring!

  2. It looks so homey and welcoming. What a beautiful garden you have created.!
    I hope you get poor little Oliver's potential allergy figured out soon.

  3. It's looking so lovely and homely! Love the gardens and that porch....beautiful!

  4. Wow, you've done such an amazing job. Great curb appeal now :)

  5. The house and yard look great, and your flowers are so pretty! It's nice to have your own place to customize!

  6. Very very pretty. I am so ungifted with stuff like this! Not creative or artistic at all. Nice job.


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