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Saturday, June 15, 2013

 I am finally getting there... after next week I won't be swamped, which is awesome! I will be so happy to be able to knock down my turn around by a week or two. I'm going to do a bit of sewing this afternoon, then give myself the rest of the weekend off.

This morning I did some shop "clean up".  I had removed my 3 for $150 bra deal, and just relisted it today, as well as the padding add on.  Yesterday afternoon I took stock of some of my fabrics, and relisted a few pieces, like my Luna Set.  I also added several 3-for package deals in my shop now.  I know when I go lingerie shopping, I like to be able to go home with a few things.  I also added more "Choose any 3" listings for easier mixing and matching...

Add foam padding to any 3 bras

Yesterday was a bit of a weird day.  The night before I was feeling congested and after having tried nearly everything, I thought maybe I'd give Claritin a try to see if it would help my stuffy nose and headache.  I woke up at 1 am feeling like I had a fever, and with the room spinning, like I had too much to drink (which is funny, because I hardly ever drink!).  I laid there for about half an hour, then finally got up.  My head was pounding, I was dizzy, nauseous... it was awful.  I got up and watched Time Team (best show to fall asleep to!) for a couple hours and took some ibuprofen and felt much better.  I've never had a reaction like that to a medication! It was so awful.  The worst thing is, I took the 24 hour formula so I felt woozy and light headed all day yesterday.  Needless to say, I will not be taking Claritin again.  So yes, it was an interesting day...

Choose any three....

I don't know what I will do with the rest of my weekend.  We decided against camping since it is supposed to rain tonight... which is fine.  We will have a bonfire in the back yard, and maybe head out for some hiking with the dog.  Tomorrow afternoon we are getting together with some family for a fathers day BBQ.  And that is all I have planed, which actually ain't so bad.

Gatsby Collection

Three Bras for $150


  1. I had a similarly bad reaction to Tylenol the one time I took it (or was it Advil? I really should remember this, lol). I was very surprised and didn't expect it at all, but apparently it happens.

    It's great to read that your hard work is paying off and you are close to reaching your goal of knocking down your turn around time. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. My partner took a flu medication a few years ago and it made him so out of it that he kept passing out, amd while concious he was panicing about how woozy he was and like he was doped up. He was fine the next day but he never took it again!


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