Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Oh my goodness... I feel old and sore today. I realized on the way down, that I had not been to Wonderland in 7 or 8 years.  So much had changed!

My cousins and I used to always go to Wonderland, so we made a "cousins" day of it.  Even Abbey, our "honourary cousin" came! We basically started with the biggest roller coaster in the park, and rode it twice back to back, to get my nerve up.  It was only a  couple years old, and while scary and very very big (deserving of the name "Behemoth"), was smooth sailing.  We got there early and beat many of the lines and were able to ride a lot of the rides.  After Lunch we planned out our coasters more poorly, riding the Vortex,  Thunder Run, some kind of spinning, flipping ride, then The Bat, which makes you do loops backwards and forwards, and left us all with headaches, so we settled for a ride on the swings and a rest on the grass.  I remember the days when we could ride the roller coasters all day without a second thought.  Today, I feel like I've been in a car crash or something, and my voice... my voice! I sound like an old lady because I screamed bloody murder on every single ride (ok, except for the swings.)  We had a fantastic time though, and I kinda already want to go back.

mmm... funnel cake!

My cousins

It was very fun. I hope my voice recovers soon.  I sound ridiculous.

Today I take Oliver for his follow-up Vet appointment, which will take up a good chunk of my morning because I have to walk him there, and walking anywhere with Oliver takes a very, very long time.  Everything must be sniffed!

Our green spotted puffer fish, Boris, has been having some weird problems lately.  I'm not really a fish person, but Boris is a very cool fish, very interactive as far as fish goes.  Every morning, I go into the room, turn on the light in his tank, and he swims up to the top waiting for me to feed him.  The other day, he just swam stupidly around in the bottom corner and didn't even acknowledge his food, which is strange for a puffer, they are voracious.  The next day it was the same thing.  The third day, he swam to the top, but it seemed as though he couldn't see his food.  He was looking for it, but couldn't see where it was.  His eyes were clear, black, normal looking, no signs of any disease... so Dan has done several water changes, added some salt to the water, and we put some feeder fish in and he seems to be doing better. I just suddenly realized how damn attached I am to this fish... which is pretty hilarious.  But look at him, he's adorable, even as a blur!  We estimate that Boris is probably about 8 years old, and I understand that these fish can live into their teens, so hopefully this was just a reaction to low salinity in the water and he will get back to normal soon!


  1. How fun! This post makes me miss my cousins. :) I'm a big weenie about roller coasters, though.

    I hope you have a nice day today! I can sure relate to slowwwwwww pug walks! My girl is a super fast walker, but the boy is really slow, so they sort of tug at each other the whole time-- it's crazy! Here's hoping Boris feels better soon! He's really cool!

    1. Oliver is funny - in town he walks SO SLOW, but when we get out on the trails, he just wants to run. It's one extreme to the other :)

  2. OMG, I love Wonderland...for me the change as I've gotten older has been the motion sickness. I used to be able to ride the rollercoasters all day without any problems and now I have to have a "sit down" after a couple:( And oh man that funnel cake looks good...

    1. I think we rushed too many rides too fast so we all got a little woozy lol!

  3. What a fuuun day! I adore amusement parks, especially the roller coasters. I used to be really afraid of theme and the first time I went on one I was practically forced, haha! I ended up loving it. There's no going back now.


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