Sunday, June 23, 2013

Finally, it feels like summer.  Like, really summer.  Dan and I crammed so much into this weekend, it was awesome. We did our normal, boring weekend stuff, like grocery shopping, etc. but we also fit in time for fun things like seeing World War Z, which to my surprise, was very good! I am a big horror/zombie fan, I read all the Walking Dead Novels before it was cool to read graphic novels, and I read World War Z a few years ago too and absolutely loved it.  The movie at a glance was different from the novel, but it was so left open for sequels, I hope there will be a whole series loosely based upon the vignettes from the book.  It was a really, really fun movie.

We just got back from my parents house, where we had our usual Sunday Dinner.  They just finished putting in their pond, which they have been planning for years.  It looks so awesome.  I am envious of my mom's gardens.  She's got the touch.  Me, not so much... but I try! My dad also salvaged an old sundial from my grandma's old house, and Dan set it up while we were out there. It's one of those things I remember playing around as a kid, and I'm glad my parents were able to give it a new home.

new pond at the 'rents.

I fit in some sewing, and I'm now a week ahead of schedule, and I hope after this week, I will be two to two and a half weeks ahead! I haven't been ahead in... over a year.  So I feel a lot of relief.  I snuck in some new items this weekend.  I just got a shipment of stretch satin spandex that I had to make into something.  This stuff is so nice.  It feels so silky and smooth, but is knit and super stretchy.  It can be machine washed (hanged to dry), and doesn't wrinkle. It is my new favourite fabric. I really like it for the bras.  I have kept a few for myself.  I am a small-band/large-bust girl, and I find these really comfy... the perfect thing for under a tank top, especially when it's hot. I hate foam cups when it's hot.

This morning we went to mini-putt.  Dan won by 15 strokes, but I did manage to redeem myself with one hole-in-one.  The course we went to is by far one of my favourite mini-putt courses, we used to always go as kids. It was a lot of fun.

This afternoon we did some yard work, then relaxed with our feet in the pool and drank Caesar's (a true Canadian refreshment), and relaxed.  I am enjoying this whole "relaxing" thing.  I'm getting much better at it.  I have a hard time acclimatizing myself to doing nothing, but it is necessary at times. I'll get back to work tomorrow with a fresher brain, a less stiff neck, and a brighter outlook.

I think Dan has outgrown the pool.

We also spent a lot of time with our puffer fish, Boris.  After doing a lot of reading, I think we have narrowed down the problem, and treated him with some medication.  He has finally eaten a good meal and is much more active.  His colour is still a little off, but considering I was 99% sure he was not going to make it through the day yesterday, he is looking pretty good.  I hope after another treatment of medication and a water change, he will be back to normal.  I know it sounds silly, but I am attached to this fish.  Dan has had him for 6 or 7 years... that's a long time for a little fishy! So, I am very glad he seems to be on the mend.  

My last bit of awesome personal news is that I am going to be taking a camping vacation for my birthday! I had though that Dan would not be able to get time off this year because his work is short a guy, but he got the week off and we will be spending my 30th birthday camped out under the stars in my favourite camp ground.  I can't wait! I am so excited! We will be gone from July 1st until the 4th.  I will keep my shop open, but will not be able to reply to emails until we get home, as there is little to no cell reception where we will be going! 


  1. That fabric is gorgeous (and I do love purple)! Just wondering where you found it?

  2. Glad you are finally getting some summer-ish weather! Have fun camping! Oh, and I love the stretch satin set- beauty and comfort, I think they are perfect!


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