Poor Baby

Thursday, June 6, 2013

My poor baby.  Yesterday was quite the day for Oliver.  He has been sleeping since he got home yesterday afternoon, only occasionally getting up to stumble around the house.  It nearly broke my heart when I dropped him off at the vet.  Aside from when he was a puppy, he hasn't had to have a trip to the vet where he has to stay by himself.  The look in his eyes when I had to leave was horrible.  When I came to pick him up later he was so drugged and dazed I don't think he even knew what was going on.  Poor thing ended up having two teeth out, one if them right in the front so now Oliver looks extra special when he smiles! I think he will probably be pretty sleepy for the next day or so.  The molar they removed was very large so I can imagine it must kinda hurt...  The one nice thing is I get extra cuddle time now.

Yesterday ended up kind of being a write-off work wise.  My stomach was in knots about having Oliver at the vet, so I wound up taking a friend of mine, and his little boy, out to a few of the hiking trails just outside of town. That kid is a trooper, he hiked for hours! We had a great time.  It was nice to spend the day outdoors, kept my mind off my poor little dog.

Today I will  bundle Oliver up in his bed and catch up... It's rainy and cold outside so I won't feel like doing much else.

In other news, I finally upgraded my crappy old Blackberry to an iPhone, which came in the mail on Tuesday.  It is nice to have a phone that I can actually work from.  I was ready to throw mine out the window.  I was paying an arm and a leg for a data plan that I could barely use wtih my old phone.  Cell phone plans in Canada are ridiculously expensive... The fun thing about my new phone is I can finally get on Instagram.

Lastly, Anna is hosting a Give Away for my Lola Panties Pattern! The Give away ENDS tomorrow, so get on over there and enter!


  1. Poor thing!! I had to take my dog to get his teeth cleaned and they had to pull 11!! I felt like an awful dog mom but he's older and they said it's normal in yorkies. But I called every hour freaking out because I was worried about him! He recovered super duper fast and is happier now, so Oliver should do great! He looks adorable in that picture <3

    Amy (www.thatssewamy.com)

  2. Poor baby! I used to have a pug (she's still alive but belongs to my ex, sad) and she had an epic tooth problem, somehow her mouth started rejecting her teeth and she ended up with a systemic infection and almost died! Those pug mouths, no matter how much you brush it's like a little tooth decay factory. Glad to hear Oliver is doing well, and enjoy those extra snuggles!!

  3. Poor little boy! I can totally relate to how you feel. I cried like a baby the last time Doug had to get a tooth extracted-- I didn't want to leave him at the vet's. But it's better to take care of any tooth issues right away so they don't get worse. It's so hard to keep pugs healthy all the time-- we're super vigilant with our little dudes, but they've got lots of little health challenges.

  4. I took my Boston Terrier Cuchita to vet for cleaning the first time. She was groggy for one day, but the only bad thing was a great bruise where she got the anesthesia. Thank God her mouth was pretty healthy!. Take good care of poor Oliver, give him a hug for me!

  5. My little lurcher Milly has an appointment at the (whispers) "vets" on Tuesday for her teeth cleaned, hopefully thats all. Dreading it. Hope Oliver is back to his usual self soon.

  6. Poor Oliver, so sorry for him! Our dog has damaged a tooth and looks like he'll have to have it out. I'm a very over anxious 'mom' so I'll probably be camping outside the vets! Hope Oliver feels better soon!

  7. Oliver is so adorable! Hope he is feeling better! It can be so upsetting when our pets have health issues. Totally understand how you feel! <3

  8. Ahh poor Oliver! I hope he's doing better the day after surgery.. I can only imagine how awfull it is to leave your baby at the vet.. The only thing I can say, being a vet myself, is that they're well loved the moments they're with us aswell!
    Also I hope his allergies improve, is the diet helping?
    I'm loving your patterns by the way, I've been waiting for my first pay check so I can treat myself to 2 of them!


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