Bras, Bras, Bras...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dan and I went to register, unsuccessfully, on Sunday. We have to go back today to finish up. I've had a terribly unproductive couple of days of (for Ohhh Lulu), but managed to get some sewing done for myself, as well as a really yummy French Onion Soup and two loaves of bread.

I actually think I am going to use these as samples and list them on Etsy... These samples, however, are for me, me me!

I'm really happy with how they turned out... they are simple under-wired, unpadded bras. I had been making these out of jersey, but I like them even better out of woven cotton, they are more supportive. They make really cute every day lingerie, paired with the lace panties I made last week.

This whole wedding registry has been way less fun than I thought it would be. We went to the Bay, spent two hours there, and registered for maybe 7 items. We couldn't agree on anything, and the selection just was not so great... So we are going to Home Outfitters today, hopefully with more success! I am not really a big shopper so this part is not so fun. I am also struggling trying to think of things I need. I am a practical girl and am used to putting need before want... the whole registry seems kind of frivolous and consumer-driven...

I think I am thinking too much about this whole thing!


  1. Supportive AND pretty bras, yay! I would certainly not call that improductive, but making my own lingerie sets is my ultimate sewing dream...

    I'd love to see those in a woven cotton, like gingham, too!

  2. gingham would be super cute! Very nice and light for summer too :)

  3. Those look great! I'm impressed that they fit well, too--the holy grail :)

  4. soooo gorgeous!! oooh and again thanks for the blogger award :)

  5. Lovely bras...practical yet pretty!

  6. would love to purchase! i have been looking for nice everyday unpadded/ lined bras forever! these are lovely.


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