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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Yesterday I was surprised to find a comment from Cecili (and her wonderful blog Sewing and So On). She was passing on some love with the Stylish Blogger Award! How exciting. I've got to say, I love her sewing, and her style, and was so excited.

So, the rule goes that I now have to say 7 things about myself and pass it on to 7 others. Here we go.

1. I am a huge loner by choice. I have a few close friends, but mostly I like it to be just me. I find it is often hard to explain to people that I would rather just hang out by myself then be around a bunch of people. I wonder if many other people are like this?

2. I love music, real music. I play guitar and piano, took clarinet in high school, and studied voice for a year. I have a secret desire to start a folk band.

3. I was a hardcore Goth for years. I've learned how hard Black hair dye is to get out of blonde hair. I will always have a place in my heart from Trent Reznor and Robert Smith.

4. I studied Latin in university and I forget most of it now. Veritas.

5. I am a Geek. For years, I was a geek in denial. I tried to hide it, to fit in. Now, I just let it all hang out. I play video games (well, Final Fantasy), I'd rather spend a night playing board games or (don't laugh) D&D or sitting in front of my sewing machine than out at a club or party...

6. I am outright obsessed with Lush . I could easily spend most of a pay cheque there. Right now my current product obsessions are Godiva shampoo bar, Buffy body butter, and Manage Too Massage Bar (smells like chocolate and honey!). I am contemplating placing another order today... I want, NO, NEED some Marilyn Hair Treatment and more Porridge soap!!!

7. I am currently in the process of watching every "Oscars Best Picture" winner, chronologically, with my fiancé, Dan! We are stuck on The Godfather II. Although I really liked the first one, I'm procrastinating on watching the second one. We choose no to have

I would like to pass this along to some of my favourite blogs!

Well, that was fun!

Today Dan and I are going to go Register for Gifts for our Wedding. I can hardly believe it is only six months away! We are also going to look at some suits while we are "in town". I can't wait to see Dan in a suit!


  1. Thanks for the award lovely!
    And high-five on number five - power to the geeks!

  2. Hehe, thanks for the nomination...quite funny really cause I nominated you at the end of Feb here:

    I then stupidly forgot to tell you..d'oh!

    It's been great finding out a little bit more about you ;o)

  3. Thanks for the nomination. I have just answered the 7 questions last week, which was fun to do. Thanks for sharing a bit more about yourself. I very much understand that you much rather prefer being by yourself than being with a bunch of people sometimes. I'm a bit like that too.

  4. Hey, thanks a lot! I am a bit of a loner too. I like people, but I am also very greedy with my time, so I like to use it for stuff I want to do! And I am also a geek and proud of it!
    Hope your wedding planning is going well :)


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