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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I finished all but 1 outstanding orders today, packaged them up and shipped them out. Aren't they pretty? I try to make the package as cute as what's in it.

I feel a lot better now that I am caught up, I can try to relax a little... And think about new things to make. I really want to do a batch of ruffle bloomers to list post. I also stumbled upon a site called Sense of Fashion, which apparently is a new marketplace for independant designers and boutique owners. I signed up but haven't listed anything yet. I think I would only do Ready Made over there. Anyone ever heard of this site? I'd love to hear more about it. I'd like more venues than Etsy to sell.

I've been thinking a lot about Ohhh Lulu and how happy I am with how its doing, with very little promotion, besides this blog and a twitter account. It made me think... what would happen if I advertised? Or maybe rented a booth in the local (and bustling) farmers market? Maybe the dreams of quitting my day job might become a reality?

Day job is becoming increasingly frustrating. I tried to give it a go, and start some new procedures, but everything is just backfiring. I am giving up, quite grumpily so. Dan's apprenticeship completion is going slower than we expected, which means his raise keeps getting put off... which is frustrating us both. He so deserves it after all of his hard work!

In the good news department, I placed another gigantic order at Lush. I bought a bunch of stuff I've never tried before, including one of their face cleansers, masks, and scrubs. I highly recommend to anyone with dry, itchy skin to try their Body Butters and Massage Bars. I bought the Manage Too bar last time, and it is so rich and creamy and absorbs fast. My skin is so soft, and I smell good enough to eat! I highly, highly recommend the stuff. I can't wait until my order arrives! It can never come fast enough.

I also purchased a custom made stamp off Etsy for the wedding. Dan and I are planning on sewing a million muslin bags for birdseed to toss at the wedding. We are going to stamp each one with our name and date of wedding. We'll likely also use it on our favours (jars of marmalade!), and programs. We have the cutest picture that Dan's niece drew of us "marrying" which we also hope to incorporate into the program. I am getting so many fun, DIY ideas for the wedding! Gotta get the glue guns going soon!


  1. You're right! Your packaged orders look as cute as the lingerie in them! Should you accidently post one my way...I won't mind ;o)

    On the day job front, I reckon you could definitely make Ohhh Lulu your main thing! Just keep plugging away on the social networking front (have your tried facebook too?) and the farmers market (or local craft fairs) are a good idea.

    Off to check our Sense of Fashion now! ;o)

  2. I don't like how Sense of Fashion looks like a Teen Vogue magazine...too many too skinny girls. That kind of bothers me, but it is another venue! Seems cheap to list (15% commisson) but I'm wary for some reason

  3. I found your site on Etsy and I've fallen in love with your stuff! So pretty and inspiring! I also love your blog!

  4. I saw the most awesome DIY wedding here
    I figure you will appreciate it as much as I did!

  5. Had a look at Sense of Fashion and there seems to be a real mix of nice-ish things and some very tacky looking things. I don't think it does your gorgeous creations justice! However, this could mean you have an advantage over other sellers, with your better quality and prettier makes. I guess you can try it and see how it goes - nothing ventured, nothing gained ;o)

  6. Your packages are beautiful. And I really like your wedding ideas. DIY makes a wedding unique- I love it. On the business front, have you looked into putting lingerie in any boutiques that are near where you live? I am not too far from a couple of towns where there are a lot of wealthy people, and if I made lingerie as gorgeous as yours, I would try that.


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