Two in a week... I must have done something good...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

This week several great things have happened to me. Let me first start of by saying that Thursday was a terrible, stressful day, but my dear Dan showed his true colours by pulling through honourably as always. We ended a terrible day with a feat of good Samaritan-ship and now the universe is paying back with all kinds of good fortune.

1. I lost a very important key the day my dad had his heart attack... my key ring was loose and keys flew everywhere in my haste to get home... Yesterday Dan found it sitting in a melting snow bank.

2. A treasury I made was on the front page this morning!

3. My item was featured on the front page.

4. I no longer need to wear a ratty uniform shirt to work and am now free to choose my OWN clothes like a grown up!

So, as a whole, it has been a fantastic couple of days, after some very, very stressful times.

I work a short shift today, then am looking forward to a day off with Dan. We finished up our registry on Wednesday and got some fantastic stuff. This weekend I might try to start crafting some decorations... or just play video games, not sure which way I'll go yet!

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  1. That sounds nice! Can't believe he found your key in a snow bank!


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