Sunday night depression...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ah, back to work tomorrow after a lovely day off. I do love my Sundays.

This morning I managed to sew a new take on my ruffled bloomers. I'll have pictures to post later on in the week (the battery in my camera is dead!). My goal for this week is to sew a whole whack of ready-made ruffle bloomers to list on Etsy. I'm also going to try my luck at Sense of Fashion - as Marie at A Sewing Odyssey commented, "Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained" - This is something I need to live by more! I am also going to try to get more into some stores around this area. I live in a small town with a very vibrant summer-time waterfront, and a lot of cottagers. I have a feeling my items would really fit in with that niche. I am definitely going to try to take more chances over the next few months.

Lastly, I got a great little mention on Hopeless Lingerie's Facebook Page. That sure was a surprise! Such a nice thing to find at the end of my Sunday. I've always loved their stuff.

Well... I suppose I should be off. I'm so sad to see this Sunday come to an end... It really was a great one; running in circles in the parking lot with Oliver, shopping with my Mom, sewing in front of a sun-filled window, a whole-whack load of great treasuries (I even made two) and now to curl up on the couch...

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  1. Oooh, thanks for the mention! I hope you keep us updated on your Sense of Fashion ventures ;o)


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