At what point do you decide to take your business full time?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

On Saturday, I hardly sewed a thing... I replaced a zipper in a garment for my cousin and finished a few odds and ends, but mostly I spent my time at a birthday party, walking Oliver through a Side Walk Sale down town, at the movies with Dan, then sleeping 12 hours straight. I have been so exhausted and busy lately!

This morning we met with our officiant for the first time and decided on our vows. Our ceremony will only be about 20 minutes long, which is just perfect. Not too long, not too short.

After wards, we did some running around, and I finished some orders. I have been working on 2 sets for a customer, with two pairs of panties each. I really love the jersey and lace set, I think it is one of my favourites, and has been a pretty popular set. I love it with the matching thong.

I am so happy to have so many orders on the go. I haven't relisted a single thing since I ran my heartsy deal and business is still good.

I keep asking myself, "At what point do you consider your business successful enough to go at it full time?" I would love to hear your input.

Lastly, I finally made the switch to smartphones and will be BlackBerry accessible on Monday... Dan and I have a few road trips scheduled, so now I can be connected wherever I go. I am also itching to move... I love our apartment but Ohhh Lulu needs its own room, desperately.

Just a Quick Hello!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hi! I still exist... I am just buried here under a mountain of panties that are in the works.

I made a trip to Toronto over the long weekend and had an outing with my bridesmaids. It was so nice to get them together again; I am so lucky to have 3 wonderful ladies in my life.

Dan and I have a whole two days off this weekend and I think we might try to catch a movie. We haven't had a date in ages!

The wedding is approaching super quickly... we are meeting with the officiant on Sunday to decide on our vows. Short and sweet, no religious stuff... should be easy.

The new job is going great, still trying to figure everything out, getting a grasp of the whole "adult novelties" industry. It is interesting, to say the least, and every day I learn something new, and sometimes things I really didn't want to know!

Help, Creative Geniuses!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I bought some beautiful beaded applique's off a shop online a few weeks ago with the intention of making them into headbands for my bridesmaids.

I got the applique's and they are absolutely lovely... now. How the heck do I make them into a headband? Can I buy a plain metal headband and stitch them on with thread looks? Should I put them on hair combs? Or on ribbon? I'd like them to be something they can wear again so a more sturdy headband sounds best to me, but I don't know where I can get this. Help?

I'd like to incorporate some of these into a lacy pair of panties or flowy chiffon chemise... Once I get caught up!

Heartsy Day two

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

So... I'd like to talk about my experience so far with Heartsy.

I was really, really nervous about doing this. I am torn about these discount programs, because I believe when people make something with their hands it is an art, with unseen value. I was worried about de-valuing what I do, the time it takes, and the care I put into each ruffle and frill. However, I also believe that art should be accessible, and the cost of art has a lot to do with its accessibility. I want everyone to be able to own something that makes them feel feminine and beautiful and utterly romantic.

I really love Ohhh Lulu. It is my dream come true to have any sort of success running my own business, no matter how small. I thought Heartsy might be a good way to share it with a few more people.

The result?

I had just over 2,150 visitors yesterday, which is about what I would get after a front page feature. However, I sold 24 items! When I'm on the front page, I'm lucky to sell 1. I could hardly relist items fast enough for customers to buy.

I am getting so many emails and messages from people thanking me for running the promotion, and that they had been eyeing up my shop for a while. It felt really good, almost like I had done a good deed!

The people at Heartsy have been absolutely amazing. They have live chat on their website, their staff are friendly, I even got a phone call from one of the staff while I was running the promotion to see if I had any questions. That is excellent customer service.

This far into the game, I am seeing my Heartsy deal as a huge, gigantic, wonderful success.

Now... if anyone needs me, I will be at my sewing machine!

Heartsy. It's official!

Monday, May 16, 2011

You can purchase your Ohhh Lulu Vouchers on Heartsy Tomorrow... Or NOW if you are a VIP member! Have already sold 2, get 'em while you can!

I've been watching too many documentaries

Sunday, May 15, 2011

We are a no-cable household and I hope to stay that way for many reasons... most importanly, there really isn't much worth paying for on tv any more. However, I do miss documentaries...

So, we got Netflix last week and I have been watching the documentaries like crazy as I sew. Today was a series on Medieval Life, possibly my most favourite era... I ate it up like candy.

Watching all of these documentaries reminded me how much I love historic clothing, and particularly the picture of Mme du Pompadour pictured above. The clothing of the 18th century was to die for. Ribbons, bows, frills, lace, gathers, rouching... all those things I love!

Watching documentaries while sewing is the best thing ever, in my opinion, right up there with an ice cream cone on a summer day. What do you like to watch or listen to while you sew?

Today I took a break from filling orders to work on a few new things for my shop. I wanted to get some bridal items listed, and prepare for my Heartsy deal to go live... which I think is happening on Tuesday.

So, I finally got around to making a pair of chiffon bloomers, and to using this blue and white charmeuse that I absolutely adore. It is so soft and airy and reminds me of Wedgewood china.

I also finally picked up a proper ironing board today... Embarrassingly, I've been using a tiny table top board for the last, oh... 7 years. The new board is lovely, and what a difference it makes!

My back is killing me after sewing all day! Does hunching over a sewing machine cripple anyone else? Or am I just getting old?!

Stuff and Things...

The Give Away Panties are finished and ready to ship out to the lucky winner! I made them out of my favourite cotton, it's got hints of pink, blue and brown all on a lovely creamy base. I added a ruffled layer of lace under a ruffled layer of torn chiffon. The legs and waist are trimmed in satin elastic. I really hope she likes them! I will be offering these up for sale in any size in my Etsy shop soon.

I've been playing around a lot with ruffled, torn chiffon. I really like the effect of the frayed edges. So delicate and antique looking.

Yesterday I placed the order for my wedding cake and cupcakes. Dan had to work so the decision was left up to me. I've been really lucky to have a fiancé who actually likes to be involved with the whole wedding process and has been really helpful, so I was nervous about making the decision alone. We went with cupcakes for the guests, chocolate and vanilla with cream coloured icing. Some will be done with polka dots in black or raspberry, and some will have bows. The cake is just going to be a 6" cake to cut, and will also have a bow around it. I was surprised that Dan actually liked this idea! I was really worried it would be too girlie, but I think it's going to look really nice, and hopefully not too "wedding-y".

My mom and I also picked up some flowers to start thinking about the table arrangements. We got some carnations, a big white flower that looks like a giant aster, and some filler called wax flower. We stuck them in a mason jar, and voila!

I think I might finally have everything sort of under control.

PS. my heartsy deal may be going on sale on Tuesday!

Wedding Rings

Friday, May 13, 2011

Dan and I picked out our wedding bands today. My engagement ring is
a traditional solitaire diamond ring in white gold. It's minimal and shiny and gorgeous. I love my ring so much, every time I look at it I'm still slightly taken aback by it!

When I got the ring and started thinking about bands, I thought I would get a traditional band with small set in stones. I liked the way they looked, but it didn't wow me. I think they are called
Infinity bands.

Tonight we were all set to buy both of our rings. I had even written down the item number of the Infinity band... as I was trying it on for the last time, the sales person said... "Hang on, why don't you try on this one." And she pulled out this:
And I fell in love. Now I really, really, really can't wait until our wedding day. I can't wait to be Dan's wife, and I can't wait to wear this ring! It fits perfectly with my engagement ring, and is so pretty and different.

Dan chose a tungsten metal ring, very masculine and very Dan. I think he look extra sexy with a wedding band on!

Tomorrow I am going to order the wedding cake and cupcakes. We are hoping to get an assortment of cupcakes, and a single cake for the cutting ceremony.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

I am exhausted!

This morning we made a family trip to a local greenhouse for mothers day, where we ended up picking up some beautiful dalias for the wedding. Afterwards, Dan and I spent a bit of time hiking local trails with the dog (who is now passed out cold on the couch and has been since about 2:00 this afternoon). Since we got back I've been sewing, sewing sewing... which I also did all day yesterday! Not that I'm complaining.

I finished up a custom order, a romper and panties, a camisole and knickers, and started the top secret give away ruffle bloomers, which you can see a sneak peek of at the top of this post! The set you see here is my peekaboo set, but with a little twist... I added more fullness to the ruffle around the hip and a nicer picot elastic. I made the top a basic bandeau with a clasp at the back and adjustable straps, covered in the chiffon in the front. I finished it of with a couple of fabric covered buttons, and am really happy with how it turned out! I must work with chiffon more. It can be a little tricky to work with, but it is so pretty and feminine.

So it's back to work tomorrow after my first full weekend off. I'm actually looking forward to getting back to work... what a difference a good day job can make... I feel like I have so much more energy and such a better attitude towards life! I hope I keep liking this job as much as I have enjoyed it this week... as funny as it is to be doing social media marketing for a company that specializes in adult intimacy products, it is so much fun and really interesting! I feel pretty darn lucky to have stumbled upon this opportunity. It's providing me with a lot of great experience for Ohhh Lulu as well, which I have made a tentative goal of making my full time job in about a years time... finances permitting.

The only single thing I can even think to complain about is that I have had a never ending headache the last few days... To soothe it I've been taking some over the counter sinus medication, which seem to help a bit, but really makes me fuzzy and cloudy. I've been in a cold-medicine induced haze all weekend... I think I will take the rest of the night off and rest!

New Beginnings

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

This has been a busy week so far! Here's the recap (and it's only Tuesday!):

I started my new job on Monday, doing social media coordinating for a company that makes organic, vegan sexual health products. I've spent my last two days facebooking, and twittering, and contemplating tumblr. I'm excited and nervous about this new endeavour, but so grateful for the opportunity! Who wouldn't want to read and write about sex, love, and relationships all day?

On the Ohhh Lulu front, I am finishing up orders and dreaming up something special for Justine, my Give Away winner! I have a ton of orders on the go and a bunch waiting to be started. While it's kind of stressful balancing a new day job with a growing business, wedding planning, and an extremely needy monster pug, I'm not sure I'd have it any other way!

Yesterday was the federal election here in Canada, and I am happy to announce that my favourite of all politicians, Jack Layton of the NDP party has made incredible headway and has now formed the Opposition party. Unfortunately, we still have a conservative government, but I am still a very happy, proud Canadian today. I'm hoping all my Canadian readers went out to preform their civic duty and voted... even if you didn't vote NDP!

Yesterday was also my Grandmothers burial. I felt awkward going... feeling like I had already done my mourning months ago... but the service was short, and sweet, and it was nice to have a final goodbye with my family. The minister ended the short, graveside service wondering "what Loreen must be up to now..." It put a smile on my face and made me excited for all of the new beginnings.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Congratulations to Justine at Sew Country Chick! You have won a free pair of Ohhh Lulu ruffle bloomers in a surprise fabric combination of my choice!

I am really excited to get a start on these in the next week or so!

So, once again, the contest has closed, and a big Hurray to Justine!

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