About Me

Growing up in a small town, Sarah could not wait to finish high school and move to the city. After flirting with a History Degree from Trent University, Sarah set her sites for the Big City of Toronto, and more specifically, George Brown College's Fashion Techniques and Design Program. Sarah Graduated with top marks, and focused her final years efforts on Evening Wear and Foundation Garments.

After Graduating, Sarah moved from job to job, from disgruntled secretary to disgruntled alterations assistant, never really finding her calling. 

One strange night in February, while vising "back home," she reunited with the man of her dreams - a tall, bearded mechanic named Daniel. 

Dan and Sarah courted for a year before Sarah decided to make the move back to the small town from which she came. Sarah did not easily adjust. She missed the hustle and bustle of Big City life. She missed the people, the art, the culture. Out of creative desperation, Sarah was once again drawn to her little, old Singer Sewing machine, and at that moment, Ohhh Lulu was born.

Sarah's love for history and nature is in the forefront of her designs - from the delicate ruffles to the traditional floral prints. Recreating a classic aesthetic with a modern twist is the goal of each garment. 

What started out as a way to save her sanity, has turned into a thriving small business for Sarah. While she still works part time at in office, Sarah is so proud of the successes Ohhh Lulu has achieved. Every garment is handmade with care and precision - each piece is a wearable work of art.

When Sarah is not in front of her sewing machine, you can find her out in the garden, or with her giant Pug, Oliver, in the beautiful trails and beaches of her home town, Orillia, ON.

In October 2014 the Ohhh Lulu team expanded and baby Isabel joined the bunch.

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