Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer is so short in Canada... at least where I live (only in central Ontario!!).  So, we try to make the most of it.  I love summertime activities, like camping, hiking and picnic's.  I came across this red gingham cotton jersey a while back and was inspired to shoot a mini picnic-themed collection.  I love the gingham set! It's so Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island (I was always more of a Mary Ann than a Ginger).

I had a lot of fun photographing these items.  I hauled my picnic basket out to the back yard, bought some yummy pastries (and got to eat them afterwards!), and laid a vintage tablecloth.  It turned out really pretty!

Dan and I are heading camping tomorrow.  Camping over my birthday seems to be our new tradition. I can't wait to get away! 

Today we're off to Ikea to pick up furniture for the baby's room.  Dan put up the first coat of paint in the baby's room yesterday, and hopefully will finish today.  It looks so bright and fresh now.  I will feel good to finally have a few things prepared for when the baby comes.  I feel like the last half of this pregnancy is going way faster than the first half!

'Picnic' Lingerie Set

Gingham Panties

Strawberry Shortcake Bra

Strawberry Shortcake Set

Lemonade Floral Bra

Lemonade Floral Lingerie Set

Ohhh Lulu Pattern Hacks: Ava High Waist Panties to Retro Bikini Bottoms

Friday, June 27, 2014

It's just about July, and it's getting HOT! Last summer, I showed you how to make a boned bikini top using my Jasmine Bra Sewing Pattern.  This summer, I'll show you how to use my Ava High Waist Panties Sewing Pattern to make Retro-style Bikini Bottoms, perfect for mixing and matching with bikini tops you may already own, OR you can pair it with my Zooey Bikini Top, which will be released very soon!

What you will need:
2. Swimsuit fabric - this is fabric made of spandex / Lycra with 2 or 4 way stretch.  You can use either or, but 4-way stretch fabric will yield a higher-waist bottom (because it will stretch!).  You can find swimsuit fabric at many online retailers, like Fabric.com, or the Fabric Fairy.  
3. Swimsuit Lining - Swimsuit lining is a thin, knit lining that generally comes in white, black and beige and is made of polyester, or another synthetic.  This fabric is quick drying and will help give your swimsuit body and opaqueness (really important for light coloured fabric). It will also prevent the exterior fabric from clinging to your body when wet. We don't want to show off ever lump, bump, nook, and cranny. Swimsuit lining, or stretch lining is sold at most major fabric stores.
4. 1/4" Swimwear Elastic - any elastic that is chlorine friendly.  I am using a 1/4" knitted elastic.  You can use clear elastic, or any elastic you like, as long as it is about 1/4" wide.
5. Thread to match
6. Twin Needle - Optional, but creates a more professional looking finish.

1. Cut out the front and back in your swimsuit fabric as well as your lining. You now have a Front Self, Front Lining, Back Self, and Back Lining piece.

2. With wrong sides together (right sides of fabric facing out), baste your Back Self to Back Lining.  This now gets treated as one piece.

3. With Right Sides facing together, sew your Front Self along the curved crotch seam to the Back Self & Lining. Seam Allowances are 1/2".

4. With right sides of lining facing, pin the Front Lining to the Back Lining & Back Self piece.  Your Back Lining and Back Self get sandwiched between the Front Self and Front Lining at this point. This gets a little confusing... what we are working towards is encasing the crotch seam between the lining and exterior fabric.

5. Clip and Grade back the crotch seam allowance, then fold your lining forward, towards your Front Self. You'll now see that your seam allowance is hidden between your lining and exterior fabric.

6. Baste the Front Lining to Front Self around the outer edge. We can now treat this as 1 single piece.

7. Stitch side seams together. I'm using my serger, but you can use a zig zag stitch if you wish.

8. Apply elastic around the waist and leg openings to the wrong side (lining side) of the garment.  I'm using a serger to apply my elastic, but you can also zig-zag stitch it on.

 9. Turn the elastic under, and top stitch down using a twin needle.

And there you are... ready for some fun on the beach!

Holy Crap!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I took this picture last night. I'm 23 weeks. I swear, the camera adds a few (several?) inches! Being pregnant is so weird. There's really no other way to describe it.  So far, everything is going pretty well (*knock on wood*). I feel great, aside from some aches and pains and a minor case of absent-mindedness. Based on the size of my stomach and the kung-fu kicks that are going on inside, I'd say baby is also doing well.  That doesn't stop me from being nervous though... I'm still so afraid something might happen and ever doctor's appointment and ultrasound comes with a huge amount of tension then a big sigh of relieve when I see and hear that little heart beating. At my last ultrasound appointment, we found out that we will be having a baby girl (pretty sure! she was very squirmy and didn't stay still very long). We have picked out names, and will be naming her after both of our grandmother's.

I'm uncharacteristically relaxed about actually looking after the baby. I don't know if that's me being naive, or the result of some kind of hormonal free for all going on inside of my body.  I just feel like I will somehow make it work with, you know, common sense, moderation and patience. I've read some message boards and blog posts about mother's who are disappointed when motherhood doesn't turn out to be exactly how they imagined.  The upside of never having imagined myself as a mother is, I wont have to deal with that! I have absolutely no idea what to expect.  On the flipside, I have absolutely no idea what to expect... In the wise words of my husband, "Don't worry... it will be FINE!" (Me: "What's that weird noise the car is making?" Dan: "Don't worry... it will be FINE!". Me: "I think you should check on the grilled cheese sandwich you're cooking, it appears to be burning." Dan: "Don't worry... it will be FINE!")

As the due date slowly approaches, I am starting to get a little anxious about the things we need to do to prepare.  Like, how the hell do you pick out a stroller? Is the $800 stroller really better than the $200 version? Why does a play pen have to come with so many attachments? Do they even call them play pens any more? Why are there so many cloth diaper options? It's just a poop catcher! (I am making flat diapers.. it it was good enough for me, it's good enough for my baby!)  Someone is making a mint off of new parents, that's for sure.

Mostly, I am just thinking about getting the room done right now (ie. the fun part).  We spent the last few weekends sorting through boxes in the basement and spare room, and getting rid of furniture and things we no longer needed to make some extra space. 

I've had a hard time finding baby room ideas I like. I'm not so into cutesy baby things, but between Etsy and Pinterest I found a general colour scheme and some art and ideas I like.  I'm hoping we can get it painted soon, then work on furnishing it... 

Butterfly Art Print by Susannah Tucker , Fabric swatch via Fabricworm, Framed Deer Print by Burrowing Home,  Colour Palette via Design Seeds, Cloud Shelf by Shop Littles, Felt Cloud Mobiles by Shop Kiddo, Polka Dot Fabric via Fabricworm

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