Getting back to real life soon...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Life is slowly returning to normal. We still have not unpacked and are having to find our way around tools and saw dust, but lots has happened.

In the Bathroom we re-tiled over the 1970's green tile. We can't afford to replace the Harvest Gold Bathtub or "rose print" tiles quite yet, so we tried to think of a colour scheme that will work. We chose black stick tiles, and a sunny yellow for the walls. We are now on the search for some white, grey and yellow fabric for a shower curtain. This weekend we are going to try removing the rest of the tracking for the shower doors. Last night we replaced the fittings for the tub hot and cold handles and the spout. Dan sprayed water everywhere, a traditional plumbing initiation practice in these parts.

We painted our cupboards and laid laminate floor down over the old tile floor in the kitchen and foyer. First we put up jack posts in the basement to support the staircase which has a serious slope. Everything got painted, cleaned, and we got our appliances. Looks like a very messy, but very fancy kitchen now. I can hardly believe I'm still allowed to live here! We kept some of the quirky things, like the funny railing along the top of the cupboards and the wood panelling on the walls.

My dad and my uncle have rewired part of our basement and much of our main floor. We knew the house had some knob and tube wiring, but we didn't realize how poorly the house was wired... so I feel much safer now.

This lovely, rotted old piece of wood was what was supposed to be supporting our stair case. It's no wonder the stairs were a little slanty... and bouncy!

Our washer and dryer are coming on Saturday, which is great because I am starting to smell bad. We are going to hopefully be picking up a few more pieces of furniture on Sunday at an auction sale, and at that point, we will really be ready to unpack and get back to normal... Which I am very much looking forward to.

House, house, house...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I hope everyone had a lovely New Years. We spent ours in our new house. We painted until 10 or 11, then had a champagne toast at midnight and promptly passed out from exhaustion.

We got the keys on Wednesday around noon. My mom and I spent that day cleaning and scrubbing, the house was pretty dirty. Thursday we sanded cupboards, changed light fixtures, and painted trim. Friday the cupboards got painted, and the kitchen walls got their first coat. Saturday we finished the kitchen and started painting the bathroom. Sunday we cut out a hole in the cabinets for the dishwasher, made an end cabinet, and prepped the kitchen and foyer floors for new flooring. Monday we laid new floor, painted the living room & dining room, tiled the bathroom, painted ceilings, removed old knob and tube wiring, and added plumbing for the dishwasher. Today, back to work.

I feel so incredibly lucky to have had many family members volunteer their time to do wiring, flooring, sanding, painting... we wouldn't have been able to do half of the work with out them. Everything looks so awesome in the house. We've made some pretty cool improvements.

Tonight we are off to dinner with the in-laws, and tomorrow our appliances are being delivered. I still have hardly packed a thing, and I have 3 orders to complete still! Time is ticking, and I can't wait to be relaxing in my new house! <3

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