A case of the Ho-Hums...

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I feel utterly... hopelessly... despondently... uninspired.

I've been taking photos every night this week, since Sunday, trying to get a set that just "works." A set that is clear, crisp, bright and true to colour. I left work early with a headache yesterday, and instead of laying down to ease the pain, I popped pills, charged my camera battery, washed some dishes, made dinner, then took some photos. I took photos last night too, and the night before.

My current photographical state is deplorable. I have a $90 Olympus camera that I bought 2 years ago prior to our trip to San Francisco. This camera is basic, but it has a macro function & timer, two of the only functions I know how to use. I like to take photographs without a flash, as it is best to capture colour and texture. Taking non-flash photos in slightly less than ideal lighting (ie. my bedroom with all 3 windows wide open at 5 pm) equates to a bunch of blurry photos. I cannot possibly hold my hand still enough, no matter how hard I try and hold my breath and tense every muscle in my body. So, I set up a broom to steady myself, lean on the laundry basket, prop up against a book... and surprisingly... I still ended up with crap photos. I am hoping the internet can pick up on my sarcasm.

I'm feeling incredibly frustrated this morning. I could barely open my mouth to say "good morning" to Dan, and the thought of having to go to my day job brings a small tear to my eye. I have a dozen beautiful items that I want to list, but my photos just don't do them justice anymore. My camera lens is scratched, I need some decent lighting (it rains here every day lately...). I am supposed to be running an ad in October, which I must remind myself, is in 2 days. I feel another headache coming on...

I want a tripod with a horizontal arm, or at least, bottom mount. I want a new camera - not a fancy camera, just a half-decent camera. I am frustrated because I feel like I should have had everything listed by now, a new ad designed, preparing for a give away, and sitting back and enjoying my morning coffee. Instead, I'm sorting through a hundred blurry, washed out, grainy photos... The joys of DIY business.

Bride & Groom

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happiest day of my life... so far! <3

Basics and the return of the Ruffle Bloomer

Sunday, September 25, 2011

What an awesomely productive weekend. I got so many garments cut, and sewed so many samples. One of my goals for my "re-launch" was to have some more basics that could be paired with my over-the-top, frilly bottoms

Today I cut and sewed two camisoles - the Meadow Cami. One is in ivory jersey with nude bias-cut chiffon trim, the other is in black jersey with black mesh trim. They have a draped fit, are silky soft and would be great to wear as an everyday tank top, or as a sleep top. I love clothes that I can roll out of bed in, and still look great.

I also started working on some ruffley bra and panties sets. This is the Raspberry Truffle set - though pieces will be available individually as well.

I paired a creamy floral, in pinks, blues and brows with a chocolate & pink polka dot chiffon. I have to admit... after making the panties I wasn't so happy with the results, but once I added a bow, and paired it with the bra, I was really happy with the completed garments. Once again, it goes to show that bows fix everything.

I've also been working on a few more items in my favourite brushed paid. I've sewn one pair of brushed plaid ruffle bloomers, and am working on some thongs to go with. I'm hoping to take a few more pictures over the next couple of days, and then go on a listing spree!

Dan and I took a drive through the country yesterday to look at a house we've had our eyes on. It was like a fairy-tale... an absolutely dream come true. A little red farm house, surrounded by forest... a beautiful white picket gate leading up the treed driveway. It almost seems to good to be true!


Saturday, September 24, 2011

I had to share an image of my new "heart" strap sliders. I am in love with these.

Black & White

I am SO excited. I finally got to spend some time with my sewing machine and serger. I went to the fabric store on Thursday night and bought some flannel in black and white plaid & polka dots, black stretch mesh, black and white chiffon with little starlings on it, grey/black/red brushed cotton plaid, and some off white eyelet lace. To break up all the black and white, I bought a little floral cotton with a polka dot chiffon coordinate, in chocolate and raspberry. Today I went black and white crazy.

Last winter I made myself some sleep shorts out of my black and red lumberjack plaid... I find them so comfortable, and the husband finds them effortlessly sexy - the perfect piece of lingerie! I pre-washed all of my flannel yesterday, and it has gotten even softer and fuller after the first wash... They are in a french knicker style and could be worn under a fall or winter skirt.

I added a little cut-out lace applique to the polka dot pair, and satin bows to the plaid pair. I'm thinking I will list these individually and as a set.

Last but certainly not least, I made a bias cut camisole out, what I call, the starling chiffon. I picked up a few yards of this amazing stretch mesh which I used to trim the top and the panties. I love wearing bias cut chiffon camisoles, especially under sweaters in the winter... they make my winter uniform feel slightly more pretty.

I am getting so, so, so excited to list these on Etsy. I'm going to try to get a few more photos and a few more items sewn, and re-vamp my shop!

Fabric Addiction...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My first work-week post-wedding is almost done, tomorrow is my Friday. I'm really looking forward to getting some one-on-one time with my sewing machine, sewing non-wedding related items.

Fabric is one of those things in life that just really makes me excited. In all but my most current jobs, I've worked in the textile industry. I miss line-launches, I miss feeling new goods, I miss the excitement of experiencing a really great linen! I miss being around other people who get ridiculously excited by texture, hand, drape, and weave.

At my last position in Toronto, for a high-end drapery manufacturer, I was lucky enough to go to a few new-line-launches and really get to know top-quality textiles. Some of my favourites remain Designers Guild, and Sanderson. I just love a really great floral.

Sneak Peak!

Monday, September 19, 2011

I was snooping on my photographers facebook page when I returned from the honeymoon and saw she had posted one of the photos she had taken of me! Oh, I had such a fun day - despite the fact that the rings never quite made it to the ring bearer and our MC had to make a quick run out to our CR-V to fetch them (just in the nick of time!) and Dan missed his barbers appointment, but still looked handsome as always... the little "flubs" made the wedding even more "us" and totally memorable. People were walking by, taking photos, and were so respectful of us holding such a private moment in a public park.

The food was fantastic, though I was so excited and nervous I could hardly eat (you will be happy to know my appetite has come back at full force), our first dance to Aerosmith's "I don't want to miss a thing" was so cheesy I bawled, and my childhood best friend's lady caught the bouquet - I couldn't have been happier. Even my Dad, who hates weddings, had a fabulous time. Dan's mom prepared all of the bouquets, and they turned out more perfect that I could have imagined - pink and purple mums and sweet pea's perfectly arranged, and the boutonnieres were gorgeous! I can't wait to share the pictures...

People really picked up on the handmade touches, which made me so happy. They loved the honey favors and the moustaches were a big hit - totally worth the cramped hand. We held the reception in the legion, because it was inexpensive, large, and right next to the ceremony sight. It was surprisingly nice in there, and once I had the cloths on the tables, my flowers up, and a few bunting-banners, it looked absolutely perfect.

Yesterday I tried to get back into a bit of sewing. I have 1 alteration to do, 1 nightie to sew, then I want to work on Ohhh Lulu's re-launch. I will be hosting a give away in early October on another blog (I am keeping it a secret for the next little while). I really wanted to do a photoshoot at the end of September to prepare for my early October re-launch... but now that September is already half over, I'm not sure how I can do it!

While we were honeymooning I also stopped by a store in North Bay, called The FARM that carries my lingerie. The store was phenomenal - exactly the type of place I have always dreamed of opening. I'm back to work today for 4 days, but I'm really itching to hibernate behind my sewing machine for a week to make up for lost time. I'm planning on bringing back a whole "lumberjack" collection for winter (it's already freezing here, damn Canada!), and more "everyday" items like thongs and jersey panties and bras... along with more ruffles!


Sunday, September 18, 2011

We are back after the most fun wedding and relaxing adventure of a honeymoon. We travelled north to Restoule Provincial Park where we ended up staying for a few days. I used to stay here as a kid, and it was even better than I remember - quiet and serene... we woke up to the sounds of loons every morning and were even greeted by a pair of deer on our campsite one afternoon. We eventually found our way to Killarney - It edges onto boreal forest and is part of the Canadian shield. It looked just like a painting - absolutely beautiful, pink granite and white quartz contrast against the green trees and orange maples...

Over the whole trip we saw countless Deer, raccoons, chipmunks, squirrels, some bears, grouse, beaver... I've never seen so much wilderness on a camping trip. Next year, we are hoping to be brave enough to try some back country camping. It was pretty cold this time, going down to 0 degrees Celcius at night, but it was totally worth it. There is nothing better than hiking around a forest by day and sitting around a campfire by night.

Yesterday I made a point of going to the Oro Worlds Fair... The Worlds Fair is something I used to do as a kid every year - and if you grew up in the country, as I did, I'm sure you understand how exciting a Worlds Fair really is. We used to enter Cosmos from our garden, handmade doll clothes, chocolate chip cookies. We'd go and see which duck & chicken won the red ribbon, and guess the weight of a cow for our chance to win $500! I was happy to see the fair had not changed a bit, aside from the addition of a Canine Agility show. The local elementary schools still submit the same adorable crafts and drawings, and people are still submitting Cosmos from their garden...

After the fair we started "winterizing" the apartment, in attempt to save on our energy bills this year. We bought lined curtains for all of the windows, peel-off-caulking to fill in cracks and drafts, plastic shrink wrap for over breezy windows. Our apartment is about 700 square feet and costs a small fortune to heat during the winter...

I'm pretty heartbroken to be going back to work tomorrow... I had too much fun over the last week. The wedding was so much fun, and I will write more about that a little later. Our photographer was absolutely amazing, and I hope to work with her again in the near future.

Just a few days...

Monday, September 5, 2011

Our Wedding is on Saturday! Wedding Day advice?

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