Leopard Print Romper

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I love fun things to wear to bed... though I have to admit with the cold weather coming this Romper isn't probably the most practical but pretty nonetheless!

I made this with the nicest weight of jersey I have laid my hands on in a long time, and I am a total sucker for anything leopard. It is so soft and stretchy and comfortable! I added snaps to the crotch and little pink bows at the side seams. This is going to be one of Ohhh Lulu's newest offerings (but this particular one is for me).
I finished up two of my orders today, including this padded lace and jersey bra. I am loving the light padding so, so much. I wish I had time to make some for ME! I haven't had a new bra in ages!!!

Yesterday was the One of a Kind Show, which was awesome! I am doing all of my Christmas Shopping there next year. I picked up two things for Dan, and something for my soon-to-be sister in law and her husband, as well as something special for my mom. My mom surprised me with this beautiful, hand scuplted miniature pug. It is so life like and looks just like my Oliver. I am so in love with it and will cherish it forever.

Funky Monkey and Polka Bear

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A little later on this morning we are going to my cousins for her second son's 1st Birthday Party! I am so excited to see my family and all the dogs and babies! What could make for a better day, really?
I didn't know what to get for the little one... so I made a trip to the fabric shop picked up a baby Booties pattern. Here are the Results:
And Here is a sample of the Little Tag I made to attach to the booties. I hope my cousin likes them, and I hope they fit! After I started cutting, I realized I have no idea whatsoever how big a 1 year old's foot should be.

I have made more sales on Etsy this week and will be very busy the next few days filling and shipping orders. I am going to a One of a Kind Christmas Sale in Toronto tomorrow with my some relatives and my mom. I can't wait!

Busy, busy, unproductive week...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This has been a busy yet unproductive week.

My Grandma seems to have taken a turn for the worse, though she always seems to pull through these things. My Days off are all different... I am going to a Wine and Cheese tomorrow night to meet and greet with local business women. Should be good, but I will be exhauseted by the end of it. I am already tired. I am in the process of cooking tonights and tomorrows dinner.

Sunday is my "nephew's" (for lack of a better term!) second birthday - really he is my cousin's second son but I think of him like a newphew. In typical Sarah-style, I have not yet picked out a gift yet... What do you buy a one year old anyway?

Next weekend is my Fiancee's side of the family Christmas Celebration... which I suppose we also need to find time to buy or make gifts for.

Every year I hope for a handmade Christmas, and every year I leave it way too late.

I've had a few bites from Ohhh Lulu on Etsy ... I really want to re-photograph a lot of it but the weather here has been so dreary (and not a bit of snow!), and not at all suitable for photographing.

I hope my business cards from Moo.com get here before the end of the day tomorrow!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sigh... back to my day job today. Just a Measly 11 hour shift! Trying to find ways to fill the time...

Dan and I went out last night and had dinner and drinks and great conversation. I feel so lucky to have re-met him. I often think about how random it was, which makes me think that maybe, just maybe it was written in the stars. I was living in Toronto, quite happily, he was living in this small town (I'll never get him out of here!). Randomly, I decided to meet up with an old friend at go out to a bar here, which is something I had never done (I hated the idea of running into old highschool "friends") But I went, and we ordered a pitcher of beer, when: Surprise, Surprise! Who walks in but the guy I had a huge crush on in high school. I think I turned to a pile of mushy, lovey goo at that very instant.

And here I am today, marrying that guy with the leather jacket that I figured would never be interested in a nerdy, stay at home, girl like me. I really can't wait 'til the big day! I sent out Thank You cards for the Engagement Party last night. It made me even more excited, though I have realized I am going to have a serious hand cramp when I write all the Thank You's for the Actual Big Day!

Dan has been one of the biggest supporters of my little business venture, and I'm really greatful for all of his understanding and help. He is the one that made me realize I really suck at working for other people but and great at working for myself! I did some early morning Etsy posting (just two items), and will be shipping out my first sale this afternoon! Last night I cut a size run of brushed cotton, plaid panties (Ever so warm for these cold, Canadian Winters!) to present to a local shop owner. I have the highest of hopes, but no expectations!

Speaking of Winter, I am going to curse myself for saying this... but I really hope we get a Traditional "Canadian" Winter this year, with lots of Snow, and snow days... I want to go snow shoeing or skiing.

Bra with pre-formed cups...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So, I normally don't do padded cups because I always hated the overly padded La Senza bra's (no offence, La Senza). However... I LOVE THIS. It really doesn't add any more "bulk" to the bust, but will add more support. I did this as a custom request and might do a lot more this way.

I absolutely love this black velvet. It is the softed, most plush, most yummy crushed velved I've ever laid my hands on. The owner of this is one lucky lady... wish I could keep it for myself!!!

Now to start working on complete size runs...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I have not been nearly as productive as I have hoped these last few days off. I spent one day relaxing, one day running around with my mom, and I'm on my second day of sewing. I have a bunch of sewing I'd like to do for myself (like another pair of pants), but this is so much more fun.

I picked up a couple yards of this yummy black and pink polka dot satin. I tweaked around my bra pattern to be a three piece cup, as opposed to a two piece and it turned out really well! You can't really tell from the picture, but the top of the bra cup is made of lace.

I also worked on this set (which is my favourite) of nude lace over black jersey. The bra is sooooo comfy and is going to become a part of my personal collection, but will be making more for sale. I slightly ruched the lace and topped it off with dusty rose ribbons.

I approached a local store owner about carrying a few of my pieces and she seemed super interested. So, my goal (after I make myself a new pair of pants) is to make some duplicates of my panties and bras, in different sizes.
So, in essence, my next day and a half is going to be terribly boring... so I am hoping I get some positive feedback from my new stuff to get me through the ho-hum.

Not asleep... and the sounds of drunk people...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I have finished a 52 hour work week, over 5 days. Surprisingly, it went really, really well. I've realized I much prefer to be the boss over the mindless, lowly counter clerk... I am sad to be going back to the mindless, lowly counter clerk on Wednesday, but am happy to have Monday off (with pay) as a bonus for meeting (and exceeding) financial goals for the week. What I really want is recognition that I am not an air head and run the shop exceptionally well. I have a funny feeling this is one of those instances where credit will not be aptly received and I will have to bite my tongue.

Always with the tongue biting...

Now, I'm sitting here, after one in the morning, not sleeping... trying to pump myself up for a week of sewing and creating and doing all of those things I love. Maybe I'm not sleeping because I'm so darn excited.

Bars must be kicking the drunks out because I hear a long murmur of drunk, violent voices trailing down the street.

I can't wait to get a small house in the country.

Pre-Wedding Celebrations have started...

Monday, November 8, 2010

We had our engagement party on Saturday evening. It was a total blast, we are so lucky to have such great people supporting us.
We practiced the cake cutting, opened presents, introduced parents and friends, it was really great. I am getting even more excited about getting married and having everyone together again.

We were totally spoiled with gifts and help from our friends. My maid of honour got us this amazing picture puzzle of my favourite picture of us! From my parents we received a beautiful frame, with pages like a book, that we can put our wedding photos in. Dan's mom matted and framed one of his drawings, I can't even believe how amazing it looks (they are both so talented). I got a wedding organizer from my cousins (and brides maids), which made the wedding look a little daunting to Dan, but will help us out so much as we get more and more busy.

The best thing though, was just having everyone together. I am so, so very lucky.

Today I start my evil, 52 hour work week. It's already off to a terrible start, but I'll survive and hopefully have a whole wack of time off to re-cover.

Dan is off but got up to warm the car up for me. He's a keeper.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I am feeling depressed as I said in my last post... so I made sure I was super productive today. I have been dreaming of these silk cuffs for a little while now and finally got around to making some. They turned out pretty and I am going to make one for myself to wear at work. The old Car Repair Shop uniform shirt is just a Tad (by a Tad I mean I hate it and want to burn it) bit unisex for me.

I also finished a pair of "peek a boo" panties that I started a few days ago. They have a heart shaped lace panel on the behind and look super cute on. A little cheesy, I admit, but I love cheese.

Lastly, I have been drooling over this leopard print jersey for weeks now and yesterday, it went on sale... so I bought 2 and a half meters and made some Bustle Panties to start.

Tomorrow it's back to work... then engagement party, then working 52 hours over 5 days. I must admit, this whole moving back to my small town, shit job thing has been terribly humbling. I vowed I would never have a job that would require me to wear a uniform, and well... here I am.

New outfit for... myself.

All of my pants get the same hole; one just to the right of where the 4 crotch seams meet. I don't know how it happens, but it has happened in my 2 favourite pairs of jeans.

So, I made myself new pants. I used a Burdastyle print at home pattern, which was pretty easy to use, though I think if I were a new sew-ist that this project may have been a little overwhelming. I didn't read the instructions, but none of the pattern pieces were labeled which required some critical analysis (the pant legs are in 3 pieces which is a little unusual).

I sewed a little puff sleeve blouse to go with it (I lined the pockets and waist band in the same fabric as the blouse) . Here it is:

I like this pattern so much I am going to make some out of black twill next, since I have out grown my favourite old black pants, which doesn't really matter anyway because I'm sure they would have gotten a hole in the crotch someday soon.
I'm feeling weirdly (though not unusually) depressed today. I should be excited, the engagement party is Saturday... though it just seems like a lot of work and clean up, then I have to work 52 hours next week at my day job (have I ever mentioned I hate my day job?). It's cold outside, and frosty everywhere... and I am grumpy. I just want to crawl in a hole and ignore the world until spring. I'm stressed about money, about my future, about what I'm doing or not doing with my life... I'm stressed about my job, the upcoming party (I don't feel very social lately). I'm just overall in a huff, and to top it off I feel guilty because I should be super stoked about all of the awesome things going on in my life. Le Sigh...

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