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Monday, July 4, 2011

We had to back out of the house negotiations. Dan was given a termination notice at work on Saturday. We were ready to move in on the 30th.

Here's what gets to me. His employer knew he had been looking for a house, that he was going to put an offer on a house, that we did, in fact put an offer on a house, that we were scheduling the home inspection... and it wasn't until money had transferred hands that the boss-man decided to give him a note that reads:

"Your services are no longer required as of July 16th."

No reason, just the shortest requirements of the law. Two weeks notice. No explanation, no "I'm sorry, I know this is a bad time." This is a prime example of how this company treats its employees. And I would know! I worked there for a year (you may remember the naked lady posters in the lunch room)! I find it particularly surprising that they would want to fire one of their licensed mechanic during the busiest season. Hmm...

It is sad that the most senior employee, only 1 of 2 employees with a license would be treated with such disregard.

Dan was promised raise when he finished his final block of schooling... they said, "When you get back from school, you'll get a raise." He got back from school, then it was "When you write your test, you'll get a raise." Dan wrote his test and passed with flying colours, "When you get the certificate in the mail, you'll get your raise." Got the certificated, put it in a frame on the wall. Next it was, "You broke something in the shop, you won'd get your raise until that is paid off with the money you would have earned from your raise." At this point I knew we should have called the labour board. There was no tabulation that Dan was aware of to calculate the 'paying off" of the debt. We are both pretty sure that raise should have come into effect on Monday.

The best part about the raise? It was only going to bump him up $1.50.

This is just the beginning of the problems the both of us had with this place. I will just brush over the others - fighting to get a half an hour break during 11 hour shifts, overtime in addition to 11 hour shifts, low wages, bullying from management, poor work conditions in the summer - it was too expensive to run the air conditioning, even in days when the temperatures creeped over 30 degrees Celsius.

I am so angry, so very angry about the way people are being treated at this place. Dan will find another job, and it won't be hard to find one that is better than where he is coming from, but the things these guys put up with. And our postal workers were just striking over reduced vacation time, job safety, and maintaining an $19/hr starting rate! Dan and I could only dream of $19/hour working there! Mechanics must have a higher work-place injury rate than Postal Workers. These are the people who need unions.

So, I'm pissed that I had to call the real estate agent and say "guess what, that financing we said we had, we're not going to get it any more!" We will get our initial deposit back, but will probably miss out on the house we fell in love with. It's a slap in the face to Dan as well. He devoted a lot of time and energy to that place... I know it will be for the best in the long run and all of those consoling things, but I really thing this is an unfair way to treat a person, and that the minimums in the Employment Standards Act SUCK. Any advice would be appreciated.


  1. oh lulu, I am so sorry to hear about it. I do wish for you and Dan the best of luck. Sometimes life its very unfair but having abit of hope helps. lots of love !

  2. hello, this is my first time visiting your blog so I'm sorry to jump in on such a sensitive subject.

    That really sucks! It's really terrible the way some companies let their people go. Unfortunately a similar situation has happened to quite a few people I know in the last few years, but the bright side is that nearly all of those people are now working in a better place where they're treated with more respect. Your husband seems like a devoted employee and a hard worker; I hope those traits are actually valued at his next job. It seems to me like Midas doesn't deserve someone with such a strong work ethic.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear this. I hope he finds a better job, and you find an even better house. Small consolation, but I'm a big believer in everything happening for a reason. :(

  4. I'm so sorry! I am sure that he will find something better soon, as mechanics are always in demand. Has he thought of starting his own independent shop? I've had horrible experiences with Midas so now I only go to local independent guys, and I'm sure lots of other people feel the same way.

  5. That's awful, I'm sorry to hear your bad news :( I hope Dan finds a better job quickly and is happy there! Midas sucks big time.

  6. That's too bad, I hope you can file grievances with the Labour Board or Midas's head office. Some people are just jerks, and what goes around will eventually come back to bite them.

  7. Thanks for your condolences! I am still pretty irritated, Dan on the other hand has this amazing ability to brush things off, which I envy... A better job to be found shouldn't be hard!


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