Wedgewood Blue.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

It felt good to finally sew something new this weekend! It's been so long since I've sewn something new!

I went shopping with my mom for her dress for the wedding on Saturday, then spent some time in lovely downtown Orillia, antique shopping. I found some lovely antique doilies, and a vintage book for Dan.

This morning while I was picking up fabric for custom orders, I came across this wedgewood blue, silk-cotton voile. It's so light and airy. I inset the doily into the back, for a little peek a boo, and added satin ties. The crochet elastic ribbon matches the doily perfectly!

Dan and I also made 2 chalk boards for the wedding which I will write and post pictures about some other time.

Tomorrow will be a busy day. The weather is ridiculously hot, and I'm jumping in a cold shower every few hours for relief.

I might have some exciting news at the end of the month. So stay tuned!


  1. so cute and such a great idea!!!

  2. Beautiful, I love the doilies!!! Can't wait to hear your exciting news...

  3. Thanks Debi! I love vintage doilies and have been trying to figure a way to incorporate them into a garment for a while now. These ones remind me of stained glass windows.

    Marie- still mulling things over, but I may be taking a very scary, risky, fun venture soon!

  4. Really, really pretty! Love it!


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