Are you as anxiety ridden as me?

Friday, July 22, 2011

I have anxiety issues. I psych myself up about the littlest things. Does anyone else do this? I can rationalize and tell myself to just chill the eff out, but its easier said than done!

I submitted a link to my shop and blog to Hello Giggles yesterday... but accidentally added a "k" to Ohhh Lulu in the URL. DOH!

What's the worst typo you've ever made?

I remember a colleague of mine at a previous job, at a textile design studio, was preparing handouts for a new collection of fabric. One of the designs was named "Funky Flowers." Well, I guess she missed the proof-read step and handed them out reading "Fu_ky Flowers." You can fill in the blanks!

I once handed in a resume to a job I really wanted, with my phone number typed wrong. I followed up with them a week after handing it in, they told me they had been trying to reach me but my number had been disconnected! Maybe they felt bad for me, but I ended up getting the job.

I guess sometimes seemingly bad things can lead to unexpectedly good things.

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  1. I had a missed call from Reception (I live in student apartments) and they also left a voice mail saying please come see us asap, its urgent. By the time I got the voice mail, it was 6pm by which time they were closed. I was really worried about it as we'd just submitted our application for an apartment next year, but had done it when there less than 10 apartments available. So I worked myself up thinking they'd got it wrong and there no apartments left and we'd have no where to live next year. I didn't sleep and felt really sick all night! Turned out they'd undercharged us £100 rent and had only just realised! Not 'urgent', in my opinion!
    As you might imagine I was quite annoyed ;)
    As for you're URL, I'm sure they'll work it out :)
    Ashley x


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