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Monday, July 25, 2011

The wedding is coming so fast now. For the longest time it felt like I had so much time to plan and decide on things, and now it's a month away!

I got to work on my wedding programs this year. I used blank greeting cards as my "cover". They were on sale at Zellers (soon to be Target, which makes me sad) for $11 for 40. I picked up two and will use the left overs for Thank you Cards for my Shower.

I used a "Marrying Picture" My soon to be nieces drew of Dan and I as the cover page. You can't really see it very well, as the picture got kind of washed out (I need a new camera), but you get the idea.

The middle has all the usual boring "thank you" and who's-who and order of ceremony, by my favorite part is the past page, where I put in a wedding-day word search! I used to generate a word search and just copy and pasted it into my booklet.

I bound the booklets by punching a hole about 1" down from the top and bottom edge, along the fold. This actually makes quite a nice binding. A word of warning - punches can be very sharp, and if you are punching while sleepy, you run the risk of punching nearly all the way through your finger-tip, like I did. Not pleasant. We stamped on paper bags for the front page title, cut them out roughly and made the corners fancy with a paper punch you can get at any craft star. All in all our programs cost us $45 - would have been less if I had already had a fancy corner punch... that cost about 1/4 of the cost of the invitations.

So, we have our programs, birdseed bags, invitations mailed and are starting to return, ring pillow, 1 of 2 flower girl dresses, place cards, guest book, chalkboards (and easels) for seating arrangements... What else am I forgetting?

I'm looking forward to the big day. I picked up my dress last week and it is so beautiful, looks really cute with the shoes and the shoe clips I bought off of Etsy. I am looking forward to relaxing a little after the wedding...

And here is the BIG news. I am going to be devoting a lot more of my time to Ohhh Lulu in the very near future. I've been doing a lot of thinking and I've decided, after the whole heartbreaking house cafuffle, that I need to do this. We have nothing to lose. I talked to my boss last week about either not renewing my contract, or proceeding with just a couple days a week. This is super scary and exciting for me... as well as a huge relief - my "Day Job" has changed considerably since I started and as much as I've tried I just am not cut out for the lube business. I think anyone who has been following my blog can tell, I've been burning the candle at both ends for too long. I'm so excited to really "live my dream" even if it means it's a huge failure, at least I can say "I tried."


  1. Yay!!! Way to go girl!!!! Also, your wedding stuff looks A-Mazing!!!

  2. Your wedding stuff looks lovely Sarah Elaine, I really hope that you'll share that photos of the special day with us...namely your dress of course ;o)

    As for devoting more time to Ohhh Lulu, I'm over the moon for you! It would be great if you could work part-time for a while, but even though that would give you more time working at Ohhh Lulu, it would still take some time away from it.

    My mum's of the belief that if you want something bad enough, you can make it a success no matter what. I agree with her, especially in your case. You've seen how much you've achieved with a full-time job to boot, just imagine how much more more productive / creative you can be when you can devote all your time to Ohhh Lulu. You'll even have more time to think about marketing and approaching boutiques etc.

    You can do it ;o)

  3. Congratulations, what a great time to work on your business! I hope you two are so happy together :)


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