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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dan and I went on an over night camping trip this weekend to Arrowhead Provincial Park, with my aunt, two cousins, and 2 little ones. We had such a nice time, and went on a nice long walk through the bush to the most beautiful water fall on Sunday afternoon. I absolutely love camping.

We've decided that because finances are a little tricky right now due to our work situation, we are going to forego a traditional honeymoon, and instead, just pack up the car and head north and camp in random places for the week, or however long we feel like staying.

I've gotten so much done the last few days. This morning I woke up at 5:30 and worked for 3 hours before heading to my day job... I'm now at work taking a little breather, preparing to go home in a few hours, print my last 6 wedding invitations, and spend some time with my cuddley pug.

I also wanted to thank everyone who commiserated with me on my last few blog posts. It's nice to feel like I've got people "on my side" in tough times, and I really appreciate the comments. I can't wait until the day when I look back on this time of my life and smile at how we got through it...

Just like I smile and think fondly of my life when I was in college - living in that cockroach and bedbug infested apartment in Toronto... the one that I learned, the first night I moved in, that was beside a very noisy and frequently used train. The one with the Rastafarian next door neighbor. I ate nothing but dollar store Sidekicks pasta for nearly 2 years! And I feel like a better person for having done it.

I'd love to know your stories... is there a situation that you persevered through and now look back upon fondly?


  1. Honeymoon are totally out rated anyways! Well sort of. They're still nice to go on, even if it is camping or a five stare hotel on the beach.
    My now husband and I had were realizing how expensive things were getting with our own wedding so we had to cut back on our honeymoon along with the amount of time we went. At first I was disappointed but then I realized how much fun I was having regardless of the place we were at just because I was with him. Totally sappy but true.

    Pst and I lived off of granola bars and apples when I was away from my home. Thankfully being married and going into school makes me put more effort into it helps that someone else is pitching in for food. Haha!

    Best of luck on all the rest of your wedding plans!

  2. I completely missed your last few posts! I'm so sorry for how stressful things have been for you. My husband and I graduated from college, had our wedding, and then moved across the country in a three-day span, all while I was sick as a dog with something strep-ish. And technically the drive was two days, but you get the drift. I am so with you in that wedding time is when all the crazy stuff goes down and you want to crawl into a hole and die. Camping as a honeymoon sounds romantic and lovely and sweet, and I hope everything from now and through then goes as smoothly as possible.

    And while I hate to add more work to your workload, I know I am not alone when I say we are fully expecting wedding pics shortly after the honeymoon. With everything you've already posted pictures of, I know it will be so gorgeous!


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