Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I've Finally gotten on top of all of my Heartsy orders. Something I learned over that whole process is that 50 orders on top of a full time job, plus wedding and life was a little too much. But I did it, and despite a postal strike, most of my orders got out on time and met any necessary deadlines.

Now, that the house is out of the picture and I'll be sitting tight in our apartment in the middle of the parking lot for the rest of the summer, I can focus on new goodies, instead of gardening, and painting... I started photograph my "Design Your Own" collection a week or so ago and am now getting around to editing the photos. Which reminds me, I really need a better camera.

I'm still really sad about the house, even though I know we'll find another just as nice. I'm mostly angry about the position and how Dan was let go without remorse, feeling, or an "I'm sorry, I know it's a bad time." The worst part is that what happened is completely legal. It's hard to fire someone with cause, so in reality, you can be let go with very little notice for no reason whatsoever! I find this particularly funny because you cannot be approved for a mortgage in the probationary period of a job because you can be let go at any time. Well, you can be let go at any time, all you need is a week per full year in notice. That meant for Dan, who was there just under 3 years, only 2 weeks notice. Two weeks when you have hundreds of tens of thousands of dollars hanging over your head is nothing.

My favourite thing about living in a small town, especially living in a small town with a big family who knows everyone, is that I know karmic justice will be served via word of mouth. And that's all I can hope for. I will continue to live a right and just life, and speak only the truth. Dan and I will be sitting pretty on our high horses, and good things will come to us...

They've got to eventually, right?

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  1. oh holy cow, that really really sucks! i truly do believe in karma (i've seen it in action!) and hopefully it will come around and help you out sooner rather than later! in the meantime, i sincerely wish you the best of luck, it looks like you can use it :)


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