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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dan and I got back from Quebec late last night. I felt very sad for not getting the chance to meet his Grandma, but through hearing so many stories about her, I feel like I knew her and I think she and I would have gotten along so well. I am glad we wrote back and forth to each other a few times...

Bromont, which is East of Montreal and very near Vermont, is a gorgeous little town. Dan's Grandma lived in a rural area on a beautiful lot with a tributary of the St. Lawrence river running through it (I think it was a tributary). It is surrounded by mountains that get lost in the clouds. The fall colours were gorgeous. Being in Quebec has very much inspired me to brush up on my French...

When we got home I was happy to find my wedding photos have arrived... It was perfect timing. Dan's grandmother had kept a diary, and had written at length on the day of our wedding about how excited and happy she was for us. Without further adieu, here they are...

When Dan and I got engaged, I knew I didn't want to have a "fussy" formal wedding. I wanted to have the kind of wedding our parents had; the kind of wedding that was about fun, and good times, and friends & family coming together. We made pretty much everything ourselves, from the programs, to the labels on the honey jars. Dan's Mom did all of the flowers, and she did an amazing job. She filled the mason jars with cedar boughs, and added carnations, and large white "pom pom" flowers along with some foliage. They turned out exactly how I wanted. We had our ceremony outside in a park and let the beautiful scenery be our d├ęcor. We held our reception in the local Legion, and had a traditional Roast Beef Buffet Dinner (with vegetarian options too!). The custom made stamp I bought from LovetoCreatStamps on Etsy came in handy for so many projects! It's a great stamp and I highly recommend them.

One of my bridesmaids is an aesthetician so we had pedicures the night before. My something "Blue" was my pedicure, and a blue streak in my hair. The girls all wore different shoes in a nude colour, which worked so nice with the black and white dresses. I bought shoe clips from FinkShop on Etsy to jazz up a pair of inexpensive shoes I had gotten at Spring. The "something old" that I wore was a necklace with a small pearl, owned by my grandmother, and my "something borrowed" was my veil, which my cousin wore in her wedding a few years back.

Our cupcakes were a steal. The Cake, Cupcakes and stand (for 100 people) cost us under $200 at a local bakery (including tax!). I never did end up eating one, but I heard they were delicious.

I bought our Guest Book from Red Otter on Etsy. She customized the ribbon colour and delivered promptly! I set up some jars with coloured pencils, stickers & pens for people to decorate their pages with. We wound up with some great portraits and cute drawings from our guests. We used a vintage white train case Dan's Mother had given me for our card box. My felt moustaches were a huge hit, and strangely enough I've found a few of them scattered across town since the wedding... Oops!

Our ceremony took place in a park right beside where our reception was. It is a busy park, and people were biking by and walking their dogs, snapping photos and wishing us much happiness. I thought I would feel funny having such a private moment in a very public place, but people were so respectful, and it was kind of nice to have strangers truly wish you well.

We had 2 adorable flower girls and a shy Ring Bearer who was bribed with lots of suckers and made our wedding extra memorable. The girls wore little linen dresses that I had made, and our ringbearer had a tie custom made to match the Grooms men. The ringbearer livened up after a few cupcakes, suckers, and who knows what else, and was king of the dance floor! That kid has some amazing moves for a 3 year old.

We took photos after the ceremony (which was a total of 15 minutes long) in the park for about an hour, then we all took half an hour off to rest. It was really important to us that we didn't have a big break between the ceremony and wedding. I know as a guest how boring it can be to be waiting for hours while the bride and groom take photos...

Before the wedding, the photographer met us at my parents house for some pictures with me, my dog, my bridesmaids, my brother and my parents. My parents have a beautiful field full of wild flowers behind their house where we took photos. The photographer was so amazing, she was calm and relaxed and really helped make our day extra special.

I really loved our wedding, I wouldn't change a thing. It was simple and fun an everyone had such a great time. The food was fantastic, the dancing was fun, everyone looked great, Oliver even sat down on command! Wedding planning for me had some frustrating moments... It is hard to plan a wedding like our parents would have had nowadays. But, for the most part, I had a blast (a craftacular blast!). I was happy to learn, after the wedding, that our guests really appreciated the simplicity of it. Everyone really had such a great time, which is what a wedding should be about. <3


  1. Wow! You guys are a lovely couple, and all of the personal and handmade touches are just beautiful! Congrats again! And thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.

  2. What beautiful photos, they give a real flavour of your special day! All the personal and handmade touches are incredible, thanks for sharing them ;o)

  3. This is just infused with true simple lasting love. I feel you'll be growing old together and have fun doing it!

  4. I like your wedding dress and wedding ring most :)

  5. Your wedding pictures are so good. They all are looking very happy at this occasion.

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  6. Wow so beautiful!!! You can really see all the cute personal DIY touches come through. Such a romantic looking wedding!

  7. Congratulations! Your big day turned out absolutely stunning! Beautiful, beautiful photos!

  8. And the long wait is over. This is it! The couple is very lovely to look at. Congratulations

  9. Those photos are so wonderful. It was therefore a big and joyous day to enjoy.

  10. this all looks so amazing, you did such a great job! i'm almost envious and i hope when i comes mine can be a lot like urs!!


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