1950's Knitted Hats & Gloves Patterns

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I am not a very good knitter, but perhaps some of you are? I have these lovely (and quirky) 1950's knitting patterns in my collection. The Lace Cloche and Long Gloves have been on my "To Try" list, but in order of importance, they are pretty far at the bottom. I love the poses, and the page with the floating heads is actually quite creepy! The lady in the first picture looks quite conniving.... I wonder what she's up to...


  1. Lovely post.
    I knit a bit. Maybe I'll try some of them.

  2. oh my goodness, the looks on those ladies' faces! outrageous.

    I just knitted a turban pattern from the 1940's and love it.

    The cloche here is super cute too, thanks for the lovely scans!

  3. I LOVE the turban! It's gorgeous and looks great on you!

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