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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dan's mom & dad got back from Quebec this week bearing gifts from Grandma's house. I got bags full of beautiful linens with crocheted lace trims, embroidery, and other fine finishing. Dan received a beautiful old type writer to ad to his collection. We also received some beautiful milk glass, but my favourite thing is this:

A near mint-conditon hand-crank Singer sewing "toy" machine. Crank or treadle sewing machines like these are nearly indistructable - my grandmother had a treadle sewing machine that she kept outdoors that worked!

I was so excited to thread this beauty. It took a generous oiling and some adjusting, but I got it to stitch.

This machine has no bobbin. It creates a beautiful chain stitch... that will unravel completely if you don't tie off the ends! I found some really interesting information about this sewing machine here... I am pretty certain it is a Singer Model 20.

I also received a two lovely thimbles, one with purple enamel flowers on it. I love these small mementos, and the sewing machine is my prized possession.


  1. How fortunate you are to get such a wonderful gift! Does it use only a single thread? It's is very interesting.
    If you can find the serial number on it, you can email it to and they will let you know where and on what date it was manufactured.

  2. how amazing! i always see little machines like this at antique stores and have always wanted one. what a wonderful gift :)

  3. such a neat little toy! I think I would have loved one even as a child.
    I like the old sound to it too.

  4. What a nice machine! It reminds me of the sewing machines, my grandmother used to buy me when I was a child :)

  5. Just received one - do you know how to tighten the wheel - seems a bit loose

    Thanks so much


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