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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dan and I are hitting the pavement and House Hunting Again. We put in an offer on a lovely home on Sunday night that was outbid last night. I'm learning with each offer we put in, not to get excited or start making furniture plans in my head - even if the offer is accepted there is so much that can go wrong...

So, we are on to find house #3. We will be looking at 2 tonight. I don't really want to do this too much longer. The excitement and anticipation of the offer... just to be rejected, outbid, or in some other way thwarted, is exhausting!

I dreamed last night we went to look at 2 houses... with marble floors and granite counters, an indoor swimming pool... Far from reality. I just want some place clean & tidy to put my stuff. I am currently in my living room/studio. Fabric is everywhere, There is camping stuff piled in front of the closet (there is no longer room in the closet to store it), every wall is lined with furniture. Seven Hundered & Fifty square feet is not enough for work space, office space, and life space...

So far we have seen...
  • The "Starter" home - the bedrooms were so small, I'm pretty sure only a single bed would fit. I felt a little claustrophobic.
  • The "Newly Renovated!" Home. The house had been newly renovated, but horribly planned. Bedrooms led directly into other bedrooms with out hallways, the electrical pannel stared out over the dining room table, and the piece de resistance, the upstairs hallway was not high enough for even me to stand upright in.
  • The "3" Bedroom 4-season cottage/"starter" home. This was quite nice. However the master bedroom was partitioned off with a curtain... no walls. Also was about 700 square feet.
  • The "90%" BRAND NEW home. Which really was new. And Ugly. And expensive. And small. And backed onto a parking lot that housed Hydro One trucks...
  • The "waterfront" access home. Flags should have been waving when I read "Price is negotiable." It was for sale by owner. The "tenant" was home, and let me in. He opened the door, cigarette drooping out of the corner of his mouth, cats spilling from the open door. I took a quick look... wood panelling. So much wood panelling. And Shag Carpet. And Sloping Floors. And still $155,000! I think only a bulldozer would get rid of the cat and cigarette smell.
  • The cute and cozy Starter or Retirement Home! This 2 bedroom home, featured a lovely dining room that was now being used as a bedroom. The actual living space (non-bedroom space) was even smaller than what we have now.
There's slim pickings and I am getting antsy to move. I am very very grateful we can afford any house, but it's frustrating that there is so little to choose from in our price range. (Occupy Wall St!)

Anyway, Oliver had a successful trip to the vet yesterday, and is healthy despite my apparent over-feeding of him (for which I feel terrible, but he just loves to eat!). He got a clean bill of health and we went on our way... Today is his 4th Birthday. Happy Birthday Oliver!

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