Oh my aching back!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Does marathon sewing sessions kill anyone else's back? I sewed for hours today... and am a few finishing touches away from completing my wholesale order. Just need to sew on labels, snip threads, and finish up two pairs of bloomers.

In between sewing, we put in another offer on a house. The offer went in on Sunday... and just a came back today. We offered about 8% under asking & a quick close.; the house had a wet basement, and horrendously high taxes. We figured it was worth a shot. The counter offer came back at asking price, with more than double deposit. We have walked away from house #4. I feel bad for our Realtor... she has worked so hard for us and things just keep falling through.


  1. Oh my, your new creations are looking very luxurious...I want them all! And yes, long sewing stints kill my back!

    Really sorry to hear about the house situation, you obviously just haven't found The One yet ;o)

  2. Sewing back pain is the worst! The house hunting stress can't be helping, either. :(
    I can say that the only thing that really helps my back besides actual massages is this contraption:


    I have probably recommended this thing to hundreds of people by now, but it seriously works! It lives in my sewing room.

    Also, I adore the purple colour in the last photo. Gorgeous!

  3. Wow! That contraption looks very interesting - I'll try anything! lol

  4. Sewing hurts my neck, more than my back, unless I'm doing a lot of cutting out on my kitchen table. One day I realized I could use my kitchen island which is higher. That helped a lot, but it's just not big enough for most grown up things.
    I remember shopping for our first house, in a similiar town. We casually started looking at a lot of older, smaller, fixer-uppers. It got depressing. We waited another couple months, then decided that we'd rather put the money we would have spent on reno's, into the actual price of a newer/nicer house, so we could have a bit of a life too. Once we got serious about looking, we looked at probably 20 houses in three weeks...and finally put an offer in on the first house (of the dedicated search time). It was a 3 year old townhouse in an up and coming part of town. Not at all what we thought we'd end up! We thought we'd be there 3-5 years; but then it took 3 YEARS to find the next house, so it ended up being 7 1/2 years! You will know when it's the RIGHT house, and it's worth waiting for!


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