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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ohhh Lulu studios has been very busy lately, with a wholesale order being prepared to head to the Netherlands, a large order heading off to Finland, and House Hunting... I don't know how I find time to go to work!

We looked at 2 more houses this week.

  1. That 70's House. I love That 70's House. The kitchen looked like the kitchen I grew up in. It has a fully finished basement with tons of storage. It has A/C. I've never had A/C. It's only 2 bedrooms, and 1 tiny bathroom, but would be plenty of space for Dan, Oliver & I... and maybe 1 more (we'll see!).
  2. The House Beside the Scrap Yard. The house beside the scrap yard had some issues... namely an adorable 1940's kitchen (with original stove), that did not have room for a full size fridge. The current owner had a mini-fridge. I like to hoard food in case of impending zombie apocalypse. This just would not do. It also smelled like cigarette smoke... really bad. The back of the house was a lovely sunroom... that overlooked a scrap yard.
So, now That 70's House is in the running... Things I don't like about the house are:
  • Corner lot is not fenced.
  • Really tiny windows - will likely need replacing to be brought up to code
  • Needs a wall removed between kitchen & "florida" room
  • No dish washer &"Vintage" appliances
  • Blue plush carpeting & 1970's tile throughout
Things I do like about the house are:
  • Finished basement with seperate laundry room. Dan and I can have my sewing studio + his video gaming area tucked away in the large, fairly bright basement, and leave the upstairs clean & tidy.
  • beautiful trees on the lot (which is a good size). I have no idea what kind they are, 1 looks almost like a miniature willow, two might be maple.
  • new garage
  • cute neighbourhood
I think Dan and I are at the point where we have been over-thinking this process... maybe "good-enough" is ok?

We have 1 more house to look at this weekend, which is just up the street from our apartment, then I think we will make a decision. It would be so nice to be settled for a little while... And set up a real sewing space! The thought of having space to store our stuff camping stuff, rooms to put our furniture in... it just seems like a beautiful dream...


  1. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that hoards food in case of zombie (or other) apocalypse.

    I'm not sure how the laws surrounding house ownership differ in Canada, but no matter what make sure your interest is fixed.

    If you think there's a potential for +1 in the near future I'd recommend a couple things.
    (if you are buying instead of renting, that is)

    1) Make sure any issues are cosmetic and not structural
    2) Consider the possibility of expansion. Our house is small but expansion will not be terribly problematic.
    3) If you are going to have kids, where will they play? Do you like to talk walks or go to the park? Are these things close by?

    The rest of course is "do i have room for my business". Which you seem to have that down already. :)

  2. Great tips!

    Good thought about interest rates.

    The house is down the street from the beach and a great park with play equipment & a splash pad. The lot is big with room for an extra room if we needed it. Great things to consider!

    I definitely feel like the issues with this house are mainly cosmetic and easy to change. I'm getting more and more excited about it! Thank you :)


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