Victorian Calling Cards...

Monday, November 21, 2011

I love the idea of calling cards... And I was lucky enough to find a small collection of 3 at the antique store on Saturday!


  1. What are calling cards? Whatever they are they look beautiful!!!

  2. Calling Cards were like Victorian Business Cards, but used for socializing. If you were out to visit someone, you would give your calling card to the housekeeper, who would bring the card to the Lady of the house. She would then decide if she were up for a visit or not - they basically used to to screen visitors, since in that time you couldn't just pick up the phone and see if you were welcome to drop by for a visit... The card would be left at the house so that the person was visited would remember to pay a visit back :) They had so many rules of etiquette governing everything they did in life.. I'd never survive back then

  3. Wow that's pretty intense for calling cards. Well at least they made them look pretty! :)

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