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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Oh, I love the internet.  So many cool people to meet.  I have been really lucky to have the opportunity to get to know Madalynne, after releasing my Betty Pattern.  She is one talented woman and has some mad photoshop skills.  She posted her take on my Betty knickers, and shows you how you can straighten your princess seams.  Madalynne found that her fabric stretched a lot on the bias.  Every fabric is a little different.  Cutting an even square of fabric, then measuring how much it stretches, can help you determine if you need to cut a smaller size.  I still stand by the fact that fitting is an art, not a science! PS.  There is a give away going on over at for a voucher for Flirty Thirties that I think you might be interested in!

I was really surprised to find my Ballet Pink set featured on the website of the Finnish Magazine, Trend!  Little, small town me never could have imagined someone so far away liking what I do! I wish Google Translate could translate Finnish a little better because it looks like an awesome magazine!


  1. Maddie sure is a really talented lady. When I saw she made some Ohhh Lulu underwear I was really excited. It's wonderful when blogs you follow start finding each-other, it spreads an even bigger sense of community.

  2. Love this, love your pattern, and love your shop. Oh, and I love the previous comment :)


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