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Monday, January 21, 2013

So, as usual, I'm a little late on the Valentines Day band wagon, with only 3 or 4 weeks until the big day, but I wanted to add a few 'Valentine' pieces to the shop anyway. Plus, I just love the colours of candy hearts...  

Valentines Three Pack
 I am adding new bikini-cut panties for spring, which are the same price as my 'cheeky' panties, but can be made out of any single woven fabric.  I think they are pretty and vintage-y, especially in these colours.  The rest I will be adding are in prints, so it will be nice to have these solids to mix and match with them!

Valentines Three

I, myself, have never been big into celebrating Valentines Day. This year I am so busy, I don't think we will do much, maybe just cook dinner together, watch a movie, relax.

Sleep Masks in your choice of 4 colours!

The other thing I have added are sleep masks.  I also plan on doing a few in floral when I get some time... Ah! Time! I seriously never thought I'd be so busy, I am still working on two large orders from the end of November. Thank goodness people are patient and appreciate that I make all of these things by hand... While maybe a pair of panties doesn't seem like a ton of work, applying the elastic, finishing the edges, measuring & measuring again, packaging things prettily... it all takes time! Lots of time! 

This week, I have decided I truly am nuts, because I have agreed to go into my old day job for a few hours to help out. I kinda wish I had thought it through more thoroughly, but I have a hard time saying no!

Valentine Red Sleep Mask


Be Mine... Satin Panties & Mask

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