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Friday, November 15, 2013

I just realized this morning that Christmas is coming very, very fast.  Too fast, in my opinion.  I'd happily bypass Christmas all together this year... Just not feeling in the festive spirit this year.  Maybe that will change by the time we have a good blanket of snow on the ground.  But, I did have a bit of fun this week making and photographing some sleep masks which are perfect for holiday gift giving. I think I has as much fun propping the photograph's as I did making them!!  All of them are ready to ship, so If you'd like to order one as a gift for Christmas, you will need to order by  December 9th for US delivery, December 2nd for International Delivery, and December 16 for delivery within Canada.

Yesterday I also started planning several new patterns.  I am contemplating a cami / slip, a new bralette, and a couple new panties patterns. I got interrupted though when my roll of grid paper unfurled and spilled a full cup of coffee all over my desk (and pattern binder!).  UGH! 

Cabin Fever



Rustic Plaid


  1. Gah! The dreaded coffee spill! I feel bad because every time I turn in my patternmaking homework, I notice coffee spills and splashes all over it. Maybe I shouldn't work while caffeinated! Hope the damage wasn't too bad.

    These masks are so cute, and I LOVE the way you've photographed them-- your styling is always spot-on! Lovely work!

    I also hope that you don't feel like you have to celebrate Christmas exactly the same way that you always do. Maybe this would be a good year to try starting some new traditions, or just relaxing... whatever you need. I bet your family will understand. Thinking about you guys.

  2. I always love how you style your photos. Can't wait for the new patterns!! Wishing you more sleep and less coffee this holiday season ;)

  3. Dear Sarah;
    I believe that you deserve especially this year lovely Christmas, it is time to relax and enjoy yourself and your loved ones, it will be best gift to them to see you happy. It is time forgive and let go.

    With love

  4. The holiday photography looks great, Sarah! I am always terrified that I will spill coffee over a painting. Another problem--even though I try to keep my coffee cup well away from my painting water, I've been known to dunk my brush in it.

  5. The photos look fantastic, great styling as always! I for one would just love a pattern for a cami/slip so I'll keep my fingers crossed :-) Don't put pressure on yourself to try to feel jolly this holiday season, just try to find some time and space for yourself and recover in your own time.

  6. Well, those masks are just darling and I would definitely be interested ina bralette pattern.

  7. The photographs are just perfect and as ever the goodies are stunning!! I particularly like Rustic Plaid and am imagining myself in matching pj bottoms, a plain vest and the sleep mask on my head!


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