Kollabora + Long Weekend

Monday, August 3, 2015

I recently joined Kollabora... it has been on my "to do" list forever, but I am so glad I finally got around to it! It is an amazing, inspiring site. I've spent so much time already browsing through people's makes and getting ideas for my own wardrobe... If you are a maker, you should definitely be on Kollabora. It's an amazing combination of the best of Pinterest and Etsy, combined in to one beautifully designed site.

A sample of what you'll find on Kollabora!

I am also now selling my patterns on Kollabora and have been featured on their blog! It was a fun interview, and I got to talk a bit about what inspires me, advice for other designers, and what's in store for the future! You can read my feature here.

Today is the last day of a long weekend here. It's been one of the nicest long weekends I've had in a while.  Dan was off all weekend so we got to do lots of family things. We went for a short hike in Scouts Valley, went to a carnival on the waterfront and ate chip-truck poutine (which is the best poutine), and today went to the Zoo! Isabel LOVED the zoo. Her favourite animals were the giraffes and baby goats (the baby goat nibbled her fingers). I also started a new workout routine that has left me feeling old, sore, and terribly out of shape (stairs are the enemy right now). I had intended on sneaking in some work this afternoon, but I'm too tired.

Forest hikes, carnival, flamingos.

I'm enjoying Isabel even more as she grows. She's cruising around furniture right now, able to pull her self up and down. She crawls so fast and is hard to keep up with! She's already starting to want to do everything by herself, especially when it comes to feeding, so she's mostly eating soft finger foods right now. It's great, in a way... she mostly feeds herself, but also ends up feeding Oliver an awful lot of what she's supposed to be eating.  I'm having a hard time thinking of foods that are soft and easy to eat, and that she can eat with her hands. So, if anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to leave me a comment!

beautiful blue eyes.


  1. So cute!!!! I love your blog)


  2. She is so stinking cute! With both of my girls I fed them whatever I was making for myself. A softer more cooked version if needed. For meat I just cut it into long strips the length of my finger so they could chew and knaw on it or kept some small scraps on bones to chew (which also helped with teething. We were able to avoid the baby food jar thing all together! Hope that helps.

  3. I did baby led weaning with my first and will do this time round in a few months too when she's old enough, so I used to have to think of loads of baby safe foods. Softly baked sweet potato or normal potato, slices of avocado, soft baked veggies like carrot and parsnip. Steamed veggies like broccoli and cauliflower. Fruits such as ripe mango, soft berries like raspberries and blackberries. Basically anything soft enough to be able to be munched on easily :) enjoy this age, it's my favourite - they are learning so much and are little adventurers :)

  4. Adorable!
    To add to your stairs workout...babywear! IF you dont' have a mei tai, SSC, or wrap, you can quickly sew up a mei tai. Find some stairs, tuck in your abs and stand up straight, and up you go! Wear her often through the day for extra workout!
    Did you go to the Toronto Zoo?
    I've been writing reviews of chip trucks on my non-knitting blog. So much fun trying out different trucks. Curds vs grated cheese? Spicy gravy vs non-spiced?
    Other food ideas...hard boiled or scrambled eggs...If I could turn back time I would never have bothered with any of the baby cereal and avoided wheat all together...but it is fun watching a kid try to finger feed noodles!

  5. Hi there! Just stumbled upon this. Thanks so much for the nice shout out. We appreciate it very much. And please let us know what we can do better! Nora

  6. Hi there! Just stumbled upon this. Thanks so much for the nice shout out. We appreciate it very much. And please let us know what we can do better! Nora


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