I won I won I won!

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Snug Bug: The giveaway winner… there’s bad news and good new...:

The good news is... I actually won something!!!

This totally made my dreary, yucky day yesterday. I am totally excited to receive a pattern and some really awesome fabric in the mail.

Actually, things almost seem like they are going too well lately (don't want to jinx myself)! Etsy is going well, my sewing is going awesome, I am getting married to my high school crush... to counter all of this "amazing", my brain is treating me to horrendous nightmares! I'm sleep-deprived, but really I can't complain.

Woot's all around for Winning Giveaway's. Patty at the Snug Bug has totally won my heart. She really brightened my day!

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