Monday, October 11, 2010

I've had this pattern in my stash for ages... It was handed down to me, along with half a dozen 1950's knitting patterns, by my aunt. The knitting patterns are lost in a box somewhere (I hate moving!), but I dug out this pattern and altered it into a blouse.

I cut the pattern out of black chiffon and black lace. I've never sewn with a pattern this old before... I was pretty impressed with how complicated the pattern was. Lost of fun corners and curves, it was nice to sew something that was kind of challenging!

I'm not sure that this is something I'll eve really wear... though I do think I might wear it out sometime with a pencil skirt or something, tucked in. I find I never dress up anymore.

While I was at my parents for Thanksgiving yesterday I found an old costume I had made for a display at a store I
worked at in College. I was actually pretty impressed with myself (and more impressed that wit
h a little sucking in, I could still fit into it!). So, I have solved the dilemma of "what to wear for Halloween" though Dan is still without a costume.

We had a nice, quiet Thanksgiving with my parents this year... lots of good food, and we all ate too much, especially Dan, which always impresses my dad. I think he's just a little jealous he can't eat like that anymore!

Today we are finishing off our long weekend just kicking around the house, walking the dog, enjoying our nice warm apartment. Tomorrow, I am going browsing for wedding dresses. I am scared and excited and prepared for an exhausting day!


  1. Gorgeous blouse! I love the idea of shortening it, and I think you could wear it with nice looking jeans and dressy shoes if you didn't feel like going all out (I don't dress up much myself). Good luck dress hunting!

  2. Thank you!

    I used to always find a reason to dress up.. I guess I'm getting too old and tired lol!

    I've stumbled upon your blog a couple of times from Sew Retro. I love it! I'm a born country turned city, escaped to the country girl too!

  3. Now that is a lovely shirt! You make me want to grab some old patterns from my stash and get started!


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