Not asleep... and the sounds of drunk people...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I have finished a 52 hour work week, over 5 days. Surprisingly, it went really, really well. I've realized I much prefer to be the boss over the mindless, lowly counter clerk... I am sad to be going back to the mindless, lowly counter clerk on Wednesday, but am happy to have Monday off (with pay) as a bonus for meeting (and exceeding) financial goals for the week. What I really want is recognition that I am not an air head and run the shop exceptionally well. I have a funny feeling this is one of those instances where credit will not be aptly received and I will have to bite my tongue.

Always with the tongue biting...

Now, I'm sitting here, after one in the morning, not sleeping... trying to pump myself up for a week of sewing and creating and doing all of those things I love. Maybe I'm not sleeping because I'm so darn excited.

Bars must be kicking the drunks out because I hear a long murmur of drunk, violent voices trailing down the street.

I can't wait to get a small house in the country.


  1. ooooh a small house in the country sounds fab! on a different note, i linked to you here

  2. ohhh that is wonderful! Thank you so much!!! What a nice way to starty my morning :)


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