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Thursday, December 22, 2011

I found http://www.ithinksew.com/ through pinterest and immediately bought about 5 different patterns.

I made up the Kimono Slipper for myself a few weeks ago, and at first was frustrated with the fit. However! With 2 small tweaks, I think I perfected an already adorable, comfortable pattern.

First, I removed 1" from either side of the "heel" and inserted 1 2" piece of stretchy ribbing. Second, I reinforced along the top with a piece of sturdy, 1/4" elastic, pulled taught and zig-zagged on. This created a "Smocked" effect on the back, but allows the slipper to stretch on your foot, while the elastic holds it on tight. I HIGHLY recommend doing this if you make these slippers. I found, when I made them as it, they were either TOO tight, or falling off my foot. I found that this was the best method for making the slipper the most comfortable and wearable.
On the moccasin slipper, I added a cased-elastic along the heel to hold the slipper on snug. I also experimented with just adding a piece of elastic along the back. Both of these methods work, but I found that the method above was the most comfortable.

I appliqued non-skid "hearts" to the soles of all of the slippers. Over all they were very easy to make and cute to wear! I am definitely going to be making more of these.


  1. Sarah those slippers are to die for! You have done an awesome job sewing them up so neatly they look professionally made. Would love some more info on how you go about sewing in the internal elastic at the heals. Happy New Year! Sam xox

  2. Hi, I just found your blog as I was searching about the best way to insert elastic into the back of the kimono slippers from ithinksew. I'm not sure what you meant by "First, I removed 1" from either side of the "heel" and inserted 1 2" piece of stretchy ribbing." From what I can tell from the pictures, you just added a piece of elastic to the inside of the shoe. Like Sam mentioned in her December 2011 post I also would like more detail and a close-up picture of what you did.


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