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Sunday, February 26, 2012

There is no one “Right” way to sew a garment. This corset can be finished any number of ways - lined, flat lined, sewn in bone casings, flat felled seams... What ever works for you.

My Cotton, flat lined corset is sewn with stitched down french seams, which form the bone casings. I stitched decorative strips of bias cut satin over my casings for some contrast.

The width of seam you use will depend on the amount of seam allowance you added to your pattern and the width of your boning. I am using ¼” boning, and have drafted ⅝” seam allowances. Here is how I am sewing my seams:

If you are flat lining your corset, Treat your lining and your self piece as 1 piece of fabric.

Wrong sides together, pin your seams in place, stitch ¼” in from raw edge.

If you are flat lining your corset, to prevent too much bulk in your seams, trim back the excess, staggering the layers.

Press, and fold right sides together so your first seam is encased. Stitch ⅜” in, and press to one side. Stitching as close to the edge of your seam as you can, top stitch the seam down.

There are lots of layers in there! The boning will get inserted right into these channels. Be precise with your stitching, or it will get tight to put your boning in!

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