Valentines Day. Bah Humbug.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I'm feeling rather "blah" this Valentines Day. To be completely honest, I had totally forgotten it was Valentines day until I checked Facebook.

I've been working on a few pieces lately, but am feeling kind of uninspired! How do you stay inspired or get out of a creative rut?


  1. HaHa!!!!! so funny!!! I'm not much for VDay, myself. I love the holiday for the kids, but other than that....ho hum.

    And it's funny...I think I saw you the other day....I believe we are in the same rut :) I have been forcing myself into the studio every day whether I create or not. Just that I am there is my only goal at this time.

    1. lol your comment made me laugh :)

      I think that just working your way through a rut probably is the best way to get out of it. Not everything has to be a masterpiece... as long as you are creating !

  2. Oh I feel the same about Valentines Day, and I'm in a couple! I just don't like the whole forced upon you thing. I think when you feel uninspired, to think about it is the worst thing. It's easy to think you're in a rut too, when really it may just mean you're already in your niche and being your best! Remember every thing you do is worth it. :-)

  3. How do I get out of a creative rut? Drink heavily and then roll around in my fabric stash until something sticks... or I pass out. :) Wanna do a sew along to get inspired?


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