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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It's been a busy couple of weeks.  Last week, I trained my replacement.  She's picking everything up quickly, my job really wasn't very difficult... This week I'm only working two days there; Today and  Thursday. However, today I woke up with a splitting headache so I'm laying down, trying to feel a little better before I head out... Getting migraines sucks (and I don't even get them that bad or that often), they can really interfere with your day to day life, because when you get one you really can't do anything but lay in a dark, silent room until it passes.  I am incredibly lucky that if I take a handful of pills, lay down in the dark and sleep for a couple of hours, I can usually go on with my day.  But even after that, there's the 'migraine hangover'... I am starting to feel a bit better now (my migraines usually strike in the very early morning or late afternoon), but my eyes feel weir and it's hard to concentrate...

Anyway, I should be counting my blessings, migraine and all, after seeing the pictures of the East Coast of the US... we are feeling just some of the effects far into Ontario, but nothing like what's been going on in New York and along the coast.  I hope if I have any readers in that area that they are safe and dry.

Between sewing orders, baby sitting, and spending some much needed time with my wonderful husband, I've been trying a few new things.  I've wanted to have a bra with cups in my collection for a while now.  A few months back, I picked up a 1960's "Natural Look" bra pattern that I based this off of.  The original pattern was kind of funny - it was incredibly small and meant for stretch knits.  I think it was actually a "training bra", based on the size.  So, I sized it up, changed the band to accommodate woven, bias cut fabrics, made the cups slightly fuller... but kept that vintage look that the original pattern had.

I used my favourite pink satin, and paired it with a ruffle knit fabric.  I like this fabric, it's got little sequins sewn in rows on it.  The fabric is very, very delicate though and would need to be carefully hand washed and stored.... Speaking of which, I am hoping to have lingerie bags soon, which machine-wash lingerie can be washed in, and delicate lingerie can be stored in.  This fabric, for instance  would easily pull of caught on a hook or a zipper, so storing it in a bag would keep it perfect, longer.

The back of the bra is like one of the first bras I offered - strappy open elastic... This was a common style back in the 50's and 60's, I think because it offered a lot of stretch, when using non-stretch fabric on the band...


  1. Oh, oh, oh! Another stunning set Sarah...the ruffle knit fabric is adorable!!!

  2. How pretty! I love this set!!

  3. What a stunning set, looks so elegant and pretty. I adore the rufffles,
    Love Lil x


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