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Thursday, October 11, 2012

A while back, I redesigned some of the pages on my blog.  I added a direct link to my Etsy shop, a page where you can purchase Patterns, a How to Section, and a Sponsorship section.

Somewhere around February of this year, my Blog really started to take off, thanks mostly to Anna from a Few Threads Loose and Mrs. Depew Vintage.  You might remember, we did the Pin Up Sew Along  around that time.  Since then, it's been on a steady trend, up and up which is awesome.  I remember when I started this blog two years ago and I'd be thrilled at getting 1 page view (that wasn't myself) a week!

I have found that advertising through blogs is first of all, cost effective as a small business owner, and secondly, can generate a lot of traffic if you choose the right one!

I have recently added a Sponsorship section where you can purchase sidebar ad space on my blog.  I do plan to carefully curate these, but if you have a DIY Blog, or unique Etsy shop and are looking for inexpensive advertising space... You might want to take a look!

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