Making Do with Ugly Tile

Monday, May 9, 2016


This house has a lot of green.

Deep, forest green.

So, as I mentioned in my last house post, Dan and I are prettying up the inside of our 1930's beauty on a shoestring budget. That means for the time being we're focusing mostly on paint, window coverings, lighting etc, while we do some more important structural work to the house. If money weren't an issue, I'd gladly replace all this tile with something a little more neutral, but for now we have to make some of the more permanent fixtures work.

The purple wall colour really made the green pop.

Hi kitty!
This is our main bath. On one hand it is amazing. There is so much space, and if you know me, you know I love to bath. Baths are my thing, so a room that is almost entirely bathtub is pretty amazing. Before you say "but doesn't it cost a fortune to fill?" we pay a set charge for up to a certain amount of water, and we never go over that amount, so other than the awful environmental impact of using so much water, it's not a huge money drainer. That being said, eventually we'll put in a more reasonable sized tub.... for now, I'm enjoying swimming laps during my evening bubble bath.

This room also has a shower and a sink. There is a small powder room just off of it. To me, it's a little strange that there is no toilet in here, but also kind of nice.

This room also doubles as a laundry room. It is just off of our family room which is super convenient when I'm watching Isabel and doing laundry. The washer and dryer are currently housed behind glass sliding doors (just to reflect more of that green tile, I swear), and I hope to replace those with some sliding barn doors.

The green marble tile is a challenge. However, I don't hate it the way I hated the yellowy-gold floral tile in my old bathroom. This tile is new-ish, it's clean, and now that my walls are painted bright white, it almost takes on a black-ish shade. Painting out all of the oak trim really helped to neutralize the room.

Kitty is showing off our pretty stained glass windows.

Yup, even the top of the vanity got tiled.

I'm exceptionally happy with how this room looks now. It has some nice fixtures, like the big tub and steam shower, but the tile is definitely not my taste. I'm happy with how the white paint has toned everything down and will be content living with this room as is for the next several years. I would eventually like to remove all the tile and replace it with something more neutral, install a toilet and new tiled shower and vanity. The room itself is huge, and I believe it used to be a bedroom, so there is so much opportunity to have a super amazing bathroom in here.

Some people had suggested I paint the tile, but there is so much tile in here, I'd worry about it scratching or scuffing. While I'm not loving the colour of the tile itself, scratched or scuffed tile would bother me even more. For me, as long as things are clean and in good shape, I can usually survive with something a little less fashionable.

The small powder room next door to this room also has some questionable tile - mauvy purple with flowers. It's on my fall to-do list... one room at a time.


  1. Ooh I love it now - I think the tiles look amazing, now you've removed the purple & the wood edging.

  2. It looks amazing! I really wouldn't have believed that changing the wall color could have such an impact on making the tile look more modern if I hadn't of seen the photos.

  3. It looks amazing! I really wouldn't have believed that changing the wall color could have such an impact on making the tile look more modern if I hadn't of seen the photos.

  4. I really think you made the best of the situation in this case-brightening the room up took the drab out of the green tile.

    I too have a striped cat that likes to get into pictures-mine has blue eyes, however! :) Hi kitty!


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